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Change in the boondocks league of Dortmund on top with seventeen points Byron, eunuch in six play after a shocking, nothing defeat at home to mountain allowed back on the weekend. There's look at Byron's last four matches across all competitions are winless. That doesn't mean though that they are trying to have some fun roller. Oh, that under fire, but finding a little bit of time here and there for some bruise. Oh, to the crew? Yeah. Oh, yeah. You guys have been October. He's back in Germany from Mortenson. Looks like things aren't all that bad immune. I was the Gluck and spear cove actually harness there. Honus. Here's what he had to say. I would offend Niko Kovac until the end. We are completely calm. I clearly stand behind him no matter what will happen in the next week's. Plenty more support for the embattled manager Dietmar Hamann. They're almost exclusively very young or very old players. I think it's wrong to blame the coach for that. Now, more support house. The coach thinks about football all day yesterday, pay the price. The squad not being sufficiently reinforced in the summer for more. Let's bring in wrath on Eckstein raff. Correct me if I'm wrong car launch, Alati got sacked for a lot less than what's going on right now with Niko Kovac. Yeah. No, that is wrong. I mean, not he was sacked because there was a feeling that wasn't doing his job. A lot of players felt that they had no real significant coaching being done. The fitness levels were quite poor famously had a fitness coach who smoked on the pitch, didn't set the great example the rest of the players and what dragged on from the season before only needed a couple of bad results. And it was only two bad results really. But the results themselves didn't matter so much. The overall feeling this is going to be a disaster season. Kovic is different because there were doubts about him. There were doubts about the squad because both of them he ended team started so well and played such good stuff in the early weeks..

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