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Head to the United Center. The Blackhawks are still in the NHL. Even though we haven't seen him since October. We will actually play them again. And then the blues finished with home games against Philadelphia and Vancouver. I forget about Chicago. You're right. They played them three times. What in the first ten games twelve games of the regular season? We had another don't seem again all the way to the end who's the other team? Winnipeg Winnipeg since I think the preseason my goodness. I forgot about Chicago. And were last year is the big Chicago game home and home series at meant so much to get in the playoffs. And here we are again seeing them very late and done scheduling that you're thinking that you're going to be done with a essentially done with a division of team in October. Yeah. And they're not playing again for another seventy games. Stassen. He don't supply in behind the net. Tuck picks it up for the night trying to get back within one they center in Sundquist there to deny the middle. Tranquillo had been knocked down slow to get up, but he gets up now. Push back into the blue zone. Turns tried to clear he blew dire. He's trying to get back up adopts, boys. They're back in dire. Not ones rimmed around by the blues and cleared out of the zone. By David Mariah. Done now up the sports they'll dump it in nine forty to go in the third period. The blues trying to make it four in a row on this home homestand Smith brings in. Those into the corner. Washed. It is it's clear to head. But Jen can't clear Smith trying to center little of the ice denied by O'Reilly. Recovered by Smith. He takes down the right wing onto his forehand takes a shot. And it goes up Ryan Riley up over the glass and out of play nine eighteen to go in the third lose on top three to one Sanford Grumbler Souso here in the third period of given.

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