A new story from Captain Mike Anderson


Let me get a couple business for Mike real quick Tuesday November twelfth from seven to nine PM real annals fishing conversation at TA Mahoney company forty nine ninety east Adamo Dr food provided by silvering cafe in Riverview Cubans and stuff potatoes goodies to giveaway captain Dave market will be Mike's guest that's going to be don't miss that one that's Tuesday November twelfth from seven nine PM Mundy November eighteenth real animals fishing conversation that firm in new port Richey six thirty to eight thirty Derek bok Nick from mere lower the guy is awesome you know the third generation mere lowers his goat is my go to lowers it's going to be my next guest with food and goodies it's on the corner of nineteen fifty four in new port Richey I got some calls we gotta go to Jim Ron I missed you last time I was here you dropped off somebody must come on here you must to somebody wants to come in to buy some shiny stuff and I had a lined up and I could wait no longer define understand we got her today well Ron let me tell you a quick story two weeks ago captain Rick grows who's also on the line here we faced a United Way thing in lake perish the power plant lake they open it up for special events and fundraisers and we searched around search around we're all crazy about those speckle porch or if your foot's north of the Florida line black property and didn't thirty to thirty five feet of water we found them and we get a double on with out markers and then we get another double on it would sell out markers so all we do the rest of day was drift those markers and I've got pictures to prove it we three of us to come thirty fatties and we let the little ones go but we took home thirty six all yeah speckle perch that's excellent so with cheese grits and Cole slaw that's a pretty good even yeah.

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