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You got our three best heavyweight spread out everywhere. And then you got her and over there kicking up all this dust, you know, trying to make people feel guilty for not taking the fight. That's my call. Yeah. Thank another one to the defies might be in the minority on that. But I think if I definitely put on a clinic on, gee, I thought it was close, but I thought Cannetto did bikes skills slick movement hit not get hit counterpunching. I think he they tell you the pace in both fights. So I would have to disagree with that. And but I had agreed that I was in the minority will and thinking that Jacob b to g one for the neck down. And I don't think it was a big big punch. I think it was more of Danny Jacob being balance. I think Danny Jacobs could've got it the nab, but the down in my opinion was was the difference in the fight. But you LA Burdwan out Ringa Dempsey talk to me been a long time champ. How are you? What else was doing? Good doing. Good, man. Just real busy with life. Word stuff. Yeah. Getting married October planet from wedding. So yeah, just. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you pre. She ate it. Glad to finally get a chance to call in and I've figured males role. Make it right now. So yeah, profit con, I gotta go Crawford and all honesty. I mean, a lot of us can imagine in knocking him out. I myself can too, but I have a strange strange feeling. It's it's going to go all twelve strange wounds going all twelve but but I think Crawford is going to get the win in Gent. I do expect Amir to win frog. Ably four maybe five rounds max. But but then again Crawford could catch and early if Amir decides get reckless 'cause the thing about Miers that when he gets reckless e always stays in the pocket. He doesn't move an angles away needs to move, and he doesn't use his recently needs a user. He he's always lunging punches in. Making it easier for guys like cropper, countering kinda like uppercut in the way. Like, he did like what's his name and vetoes, you know, that kind of thing can happen. But all in all I got caught winning and then and then we got Garcia Granados. They gotta go, Danny. And again, I actually expect this to be pretty tough outing Granados is not. No one's ever really been able to look great against him. Even though he's loss over time. He's never looked bad in those losses. So that could be a thing situation right here. I believe Danny needs to look impressive. He needs to look impressive to really make a statement cause loss against porter knives in a position to where if he doesn't get against Nado. So he could be probably criticized even more about that. So it needs to win impressively. It really does. And then and this whole AJ Miller situation management stuff. All I gotta say that Miller should not have been messed with that stuff, man. 'cause people get cancer getting that stuff. You know? I I've done my research on that as well to anybody that tries to mess with that morons. And I and I can honestly say this as well too. Because I heard you say that, you know, he hangs around a lot of bodybuilders that stuff is popular with them. It is and a lot of builders have is ten. Did not care about what the prune their bodies. I'm not saying all, you know, there's a lot of them out there that will do whatever they have to do to get that extra edge to go where they need to go and some fortunate that Miller is doing that as well too. But as far as replacements hard to say, that's my call. Very Carver present you call into the show Britain. I'm on the day. They right. I'm sitting back chilling saying spec to be thirty four sixty nine. Diverse. I may say boy Mike from the about voice, I'm smoking near then the fourth up there to hit me. Let me let me hear my questions. Let me go to.

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