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Jay this Jordan. We are taking your phone calls. Let's hear the attorney journalism words when he says, I believe that there was spying on the Trump campaign that the government spy the other campaign. You know, he's talking about his own agency. Now that he oversees FBI DOJ and there's potential wrongdoing there he wants to investigate that takes us. First question that led to is interesting the line of questioning from democrat who was trying to get him to back off, actually. So you don't, you know, listen closely, this Jeanne Shaheen, you don't really think there was spying ultimately gets that. But listen, how it started by fifteen news just broke today that you have a special team looking into why the FBI open an investigation into Russian interference in the two thousand sixteen elections. I wonder if you can share with this committee who's on that team why you felt the need to form that kind of a team and what you intend to be the scope of their investigation. I said my confirmation hearing by going to be reviewing Botha Genesis and the conduct of intelligence activities directed at the Trump campaign during two thousand sixteen a lot has already been invented with a lot of this has already been investigated in the substantial portion of it has been investigated is being investigated by the office of inspector general as the department doesn't stop right. I mean, we know Harry from that that's in reference yesterday, the attorney general confirmed that the inspector general's report on Fiso abuse. So to get this to get to the unmasking had to have the warrants to survey. All we know that that was there because even an art loss at the we found the foia request filed we knew that the masking requests were put in for Trump transition officials. So that FIS that the FIS report will cover from the idea significant portion of this potential wrongdoing. Absolutely. And so in addition to all that you have suggested we should also keep in mind that a former attorney general Loretta Lynch, and James Clapper, basically changed the rules for the dissemination of raw signals intent in intelligence what at that. Do it made it more likely that people would be unmasked and be that the information would be leaked. We also know that Faisal warrants were issued that Susan Rice and Samantha power engaged. At least for news reports in unmasking, and we also have a raft of characters that include Andrew McCabe who was fired for lying James Komi who owed a higher loyalty to one thing. Only himself an of other actors so there is clearly a basis. For a sustained investigation. And we also know that in June of last year DOJ inspector General Michael Horowitz issued a report and among the key conclusions. Takeaways were that senior FBI officials connected to both the Russia counter intelligence investigation. And but Clinton Email investigation engaged in political bias, favoring one political candidate over another that provides a basis if you will predicate for political spine aimed at President Trump this indeed confirms would President Trump said more than two years ago that his campaign was the subject of wiretapping. So I think the evidence is certainly mounting up that there was something. The fairy is going on both the DOJ and the FBI and this call. All sports and investigation, which may or may not lead to criminal penalties for the actors involved. Let's go again continued the line of questioning so attornal Barca to say what he's doing here, gene. Gene keeps pushing what's between him. And a democrat Senator today this happened just our half ago. If you're live with us on the air bites his team, one of the things I wanna do is pulled together all the information from the various investigations that have gone on including on the hill. And in the department and see if there any remaining questions to be addressed. And can you share with us? Why you feel a need to do that? Well, for the same reason, we're worried about foreign influence in elections. We wanna make sure that. During elect spying on a political campaign is a big deal to big deal. And this is where she said, wait spine. You don't you don't really think spying occur? Do listen by eighteen you're not suggesting that spine occurred. I don't well. I guess you could I think there's spying didn't occur. Yes. I think spying did occur. Let me question is whether it was predicated adequately predicated, and I'm not suggesting it wasn't adequately predicated. But I need to explore that. I think it's my obligation. What he says not taking for granted that taking anything happened before his tenure began, and she she she was expecting him to push back and say not necessarily or I don't want to go that far today. And instead he says the opposite. And this is again, this democrat Senator think she walked herself right into she. And he stuck it right in her face. So to speak. What happened? She has. The questions you wanted to know, you know, really mean that do you. And he says, well, yes, I think spine did occur. Oh my goodness. I should've asked the question bad. Prosecutor never ask a question that you don't know the answer to and which he did. And then of course, he as he should said, that's my thought, that's my belief. But the question is whether it was adequately predicated. Well, you know, that means was there a really good basis in law and fact to gauge in the spine now they made a big deal about spy and foreign influence in the mother report which exonerated the president in Thailand from any collusion. Let's now talk about some domestic spying. And that's what the attorney general is saying you wanted to talk about foreign spine. That's fine. And we did that. And we did that exhaustively. Now talk about some domestic spy, and I'm gonna look into that. Yeah. And again, we we've gotten we filed in this back in twenty seventeen in federal court, foia requests on the masking requests that were made by the Obama. Administration officials the very impressive Avas term twenty sixteen when they were requesting information Trump transition officials. So we know it continued to obviously this surveillance, and that it was widespread and the president, you know, he got mocked when he said my campaign is being wiretapping. Now, that's that's being confirmed. General confirmed that for you today? He just all he saying whether or not it was even you could make a case for being legally done. He confirmed for you today. That the Trump can't pay was being spied on by the US government case, the the FBI, and whether you want to talk about Carter page is being outlined figures and not really official. He he made a broad statement today. The Trump campaign was being spied on the only questions left is was it based on anything legal at all. Or is it all based on a phony dossier? How big of a deal in Washington DC, these subcommittee hearings on the budget usually on a big deal that everybody's paying really close attention to. And you get some new senators involved who are not the normal faces of the most contentious here is not the judiciary committee. So get some new senators involved in this back public back and forth. Maybe they don't know what they're back into because they're not used to that question being so public, and they're trying to put the attorney Joe these positions position the end up making news like this. Yeah. First of all, I think it was very big deal because it came from the attorney general I actually think that Senator Shaheen probably went into it fairly thoughtfully. I'm not. So sure that Senator Schatz did later he actually came back and tried to give the attorney general another opportunity to clarify, the attorney general essentially said, no, I meant exactly what I said. There was fine. There was another thri surveillance call it whatever you want. But the question is what was the motive and Jordan? I'll tell you this. I actually had a great sense of relief. And I think the American people will as well because we've been looking at this from the outside, and we have seen essentially three things we see something that looks like spine the surveillance of Carter page, we see that it looks like it was initiated by law enforcement officials that have a political agenda. Remember the insurance plan? Text in text message about we'll stop Donald Trump from being president. And we see them using knowingly bad information to do it Jordan. That's the dossier. We put all those things together. And we wonder why in the world the department of Justice is not admitting the bare. Facts that we see and looking into it. So then we see the attorney general admitting the facts on the ground and saying look, I am going to make sure that those kind of abuses don't happen again. I'm gonna find out who's responsible, and I'm going to root them out Jordan more than anything. There's a lot of political theater here. But more than anything. I'm just relieved that the bad actions that we've seen for a number of years. Now are finally coming to light I too I wanna go right to the well, actually, wait carry. We'll take your phone call. We come back.

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