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Has eighty to seventy seven and before they went to sleep I had eighty to ninety nine. So it was within forty points of each other in that fuck and eight thousands, and they're gonna wake up and suddenly my thousand points up back break her. That's right. Here's the deal, I'm smarter than them. No matter how you wanna put it. There's no question that I'm smarter than both of them. They're white trash idiots uneducated. And so I use skill. I use skill in order to win play this game. No, one thought I had a chance, and then here, I of course, Rogan's gonna win, of course, fucking Lance Armstrong of Sobhraj Tober is gonna win wink, wink, abo-. But of the people that are chance, by the way. No, more Rogin. No more. Hey for this challenge. Let's do exactly what I was doing. And then we'll just make that for everybody. Already doing hot yoga. Let's do hot yoga or Maury working out every night. Looks fucking do that. How about next year we do who can live in Joe Rogan house for the most days in October fucking dumb, take my God damn? No cell phone challenge. Take that. Better your lives. What what you see when you give out Kahal? And we'd and you say like, oh my God. It's actually good. I realized how much I was relying. I fucking take my month-long challenge of goddamn smartphone. And no social media. Just get off it dark. You can Email on a system to Poche it for you for a month. And and then see how much better your life is for a month. But they won't take it because he just want to do what they're already doing. Anyway, I'm almost done with the shit. I can't wait to drop some fucking, Molly. Mali's greet me at the gates of sober October bender. November's start strong is anyone here from Stanhope, by the way. None of us have heard from them. He could be dead. John Lewis start the episode are issue. I take episode three forty the Simpsons with LIZA traeger starts. Now..

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