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Oh god that's the biggest compliment sure never joy when i come on i'm sure there's actual buddhist who who were not in show business might have affected a great many people just got gary shanley my love him so much i you know it's interesting i started learning that through i mean trying to think about a way to say that's interesting and i can't so i'm going to do the uninteresting that's sort of the theory of how twelve step programs work and i'm in twelve step programs so that was sort of where i kind of learned the idea of like oh if you just tell your secrets they stopped controlling you and if you just tell people how you feel like shit you feel like less of a piece of shit it's like this weird it's like a magic trick it's a part of the truck or something but it's it's you are disarming and it helps the other person it's actually deeply codependent because when you admit a flaw about yourself people feel permission to be flawed as well it's like this cool thing yeah somebody gets it there's this like all these social contracts that we decided perfection and being together it's so boring and overrated raided and like who wants to talk to that person and i just realized as soon as i started had permission to talk about my flaws and my weaknesses and i'm going to put them in air quotes people listening you can't see them but and inconsistencies in defects and mistakes like people like it they feel more connected to you they feel liberated.

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