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Girl shot while insider Brighton park home early Christmas morning was not the intended target a thirty eight year old man was hit by gunfire in the leg is said to be in stable condition that man is known to police the girl's family released a statement saying they're grateful for the outpouring of support and love she remains in critical condition at the hospital Chicago police do not have anyone in custody breaking news that a story we told you about earlier this morning we just got an update from Michigan state police they have found the body of a five year old autistic boy in a pond the boy went missing on Christmas day in western Michigan police believe the boy a bowl Bellson wandered away from home more details when we get them after the salvation army offices in Chicago received almost forty thousand dollars from a deceased man's unclaimed property money the county treasurer Maria Pappas is urging all residents check the Illinois website for possible cash to tap the spoke with WGN's Jon Hansen if you melt moments ago all about the money that has gone on claims and how you can find out if your are missing some of that money to are you a homeowner if your homeowner you've been in that home for a year you're entitled to home owners exemption which is about five six hundred Bucks and the treasurer says there's even a senior exemption which seniors can apply for every year illinois' billionaire governor raising new concerns about his spending of three million dollars of his own money on public expenses during his first year in office JB prince scores may direct payments on everything from boosting papers top aides to renovating state buildings the Tribune reports that raises concerns that only about transparency because some of the private expenses are not subject to open records laws but also loyalty to the office or the man a spokeswoman says prince who believe the state and its people are worth investing in former governor runner also spend his own money and say projects in the form of donations James Sears WGN news planning.

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