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That's what happened because they're so tempting market that is not made his for over a hundred games including uh new releases jaza here's an extra pay from the uh from our our our favorite grandpa major nilsson love yeah uh let me skip on down to the the ah the highlight of a bit here uh quote moving forward we plan to release all new xbox one exclusive games from mix of studios into game s on the same date as a global release at highbury impact in yeah sorry no bit of started there are moment you gave was how painter mian mian benson get along this means that when see if these launches on march twenty is included in xbox game past all members of this plan bring new games timed with a global race in the xbox games pass not only includes announce titles exceived thieves state of decay to and crack down three but future unannounced games for mix of studios including new innovations come on man i'm slaughtering syllable knows aisles over he was gonna just like now he's on announcing hearings like halo's head held meetings that he says new generations of halo forza gears little guy hill convertible so there's going to be more to make them sure uh so it's it's interesting now it's a this is something that we had kind of seen in the in the deck for awhile that publishers instead of the old model where they launch a box product and try to recruit all their costs and direct sales switching switching over to a subscription based service based sort of system where to get access to games from us just pay a monthly fee they have access busily microsoft is doing their own thing now uh it's it's essentially like.

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