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Bs g nobody makes golf clubs away. We do period. Of those seven of seven drives from Bentley this whole season. But. He's been a little banged up and hasn't performed that. Well, we'll have them the final regular season game in Clemson. Hi stated call a timeout before their second play from scrimmage should. You mentioned going Haskins open. It's amazing when you think today with two hundred seventy Gingras passing which would be an off day for him. He'd set the single season Ohio State passing record. He needs three touchdowns to tie J T Barrett for the most touchdown passes in a year in Ohio State unbelievable year. But I would say this is the least amount of rushing yards for urban Meyer team through eight games partly because the quarterback play apartment because their offense has been opened up both Haskins back to pass a sweeping. Nightside that play blown-up immediately across the twenty yard line. And he's going to go down Justin lane from his corner. Spot eight heist open-field tackle the Cleveland. Ohio native Justin lane came up and read the play beautifully. It was a well well-designed draw past good catch by Weber out of the backfield. But Justin lane just blew up there down the line of scrimmage. He lost to. So it's third and thirteen guys on their own twenty one. I drive of the football game here at Michigan state proud and full throat Haskins up near the line. Changing the play receivers east side of the football field Harris Campbell now in the slot Haskins. Back time to throw fires one to candle. You're the twenty nine pushes across the thirty yard line is going to be well shy of the first down. Again, we saw this a lot in the Michigan state Michigan game. Where players are not running. You need to get the first down with you yardage up your route when you turn around make the catch you have to be beyond the sticks. And maybe the plays and drawn up to that specification, but that's up to the quarterback in the wide receiver you tell your offense like give me some extra time till wider zero. Make sure he goes down gets enough yards for the catch. But it absolutely kills me. When everybody executes in you executed to not pick up. I doubt it doesn't make any sense Christmas. One about twenty into the crowd off the foot to the right by goodness. What an ugly looking punt that could be in the knots. That's definitely in the not so sportscenter top ten. That's the worst part. I've seen ever five yard kick. And it went twenty yards up into the stands timeout nine forty two to go first quarter. We'll all recalibrate. No score that one probably hurt. You're listening to the college football game of the week on the touchdown radio network..

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