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Gift trying to make you more powerful. I'm going to need what's up doc. And from all people tell me that there's no chance that happens. Statistically unlikely but there's a chance but not impossible it's not impossible else happens to to people every thousand surgeries happens to someone every day. It wouldn't be a thing on the internet if it if it didn't just happen to people so this happens to someone every single day you think in the world there's more than more than math them in match checks out. There's multiple of these day. It happens to be wouldn't be thick. It's unlikely but not unheard of. It's also unlikely for the two people that happens to just as unlikely as it is for you right up out of my head on these sleeping tonight. Just dala wake up. I will mention something to dr brown about this. So we'll say all right. I'm re when it. When are you going under next week. So yeah well. Hopefully we bring home a fucking ryder cup. Victory and i won't remember this. I'm sure people remind me though on twitter. Alright wake up oh man. He thought I'll see you guys tomorrow. Wisconsin yes. That's right tomorrow. Practice round and ahead write to the course We're gonna be all over the golf course. Yeah i think we land at like nine thirty and we go right over there so it should be if you're up early fans on on site tuesday wednesday. That's a good question. I i haven't heard any restrictions yet but then again we got like the us open and there weren't any fans. I feel like on the practice round as well. I don't want to say anything that i don't know. I'm not sure well if you are look out for us. We'll be there. We'll be in the mail. I've heard people tell me they got ryder cup. Tickets for ethnic practice route. So hopefully there'll be people will be all that place looking forward to it. All right safe travels boys thanks us. Well hit hard..

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