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You have a good ride Braintree to Columbia road route three no issues along the south shore twenty four ninety five a looking good to and from her island David to draw any WBZ's traffic on the three zero thank you very much it is five thirty four partly sunny today and much less windy we are going up to thirty eight becoming more cloudy tonight with the rain or snow showers late we stay in the thirties tonight breezy and much milder tomorrow would scatter rain or drizzle high of forty eight Tuesday pretty cloudy with scattered rain hiking up to forty four it looks like a mix of sunshine and clouds on Wednesday high of forty six right now it is frigid out there but much less windy than this time yesterday it is mostly clear right now fifteen degrees in Gloucester thirteen with a win fourteen in Peabody and nineteen in Cambridge and Boston it's five thirty five the Baystate is ranking high on AP exams for the fourth consecutive year Massachusetts has been ranked the nation's top states for the percentage of its graduating class that scored of three or higher on an Advanced Placement exam that's according to results released this week by the College Board the results found that one out of every three members of the class of two thousand nineteen in Massachusetts graduated with a score of three or higher out of a possible five on an A. P. tests Massachusetts also had the highest ten year percentage growth of graduates who scored a three or higher nearly forty eight percent of Massachusetts class of two thousand nineteen took at least one AP exam I'm Charlie Sherman WBZ Boston's news radio meanwhile a score of three or above on an AP exam indicates a student is capable of doing the work for an introductory college level course in that subject area governor Charlie Baker says the scores reflect the hard work of students and teachers.

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