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Of standing up in Bellingham theatre during a Sunday screening of avengers endgame, implying that he had a bomb. The entire multiplex was evacuated and no bomb was found a Spokane county woman suing the Washington state patrol after she was arrested following a fatal accident. Komo's Eric Heintz. Melissa Paul was arrested after the fatal crash in two thousand seventeen k x y reports the Washington state patrol says Paul was driving and snowy conditions when she hit and killed a man who is walking or writing his bike along a highway on New Year's day charged with the Hitler homicide and unable to post bond. Paulsen three months in jail before the charges were dismissed the dash Cam video contradicts. What troopers put in the warrant? They used to test her blood alcohol content. Now, she says troopers conspired a charger with a crime based on false statements and violated her fourth amendment, right? There are kinds. Komo news. Komo news time eleven oh. Eight says we continue with our top stories from the KOMO twenty four seven. News center, two bills. That would have been at easy to lock up repeat DUI offenders died in the state legislature. One would have made four DUI's fifteen years of felony which comes with prison time in most cases in two thousand seventeen there were two hundred and seventy one deaths and four hundred and two serious injuries related to drivers who were driving impaired. That is Shelly Baldwin's with the Washington state traffic commission testifying in favor of critics argued the eight million dollar price tag the projected cost over four years to incarcerate more repeat DUI offenders was just too high and other Bill would have lengthened to prison sentences for repeat offenders and added more time if there was a minor in the car both again, but again, both the measures did fail plans or the works to move the town of Hamilton Skagit county right now, the town sits on a flood plain along the Skagit river, the conservation group for Tara will reveal more about its plan today flooding his long been a problem in Hamilton for Tara says it is a cured of forty acre parcel of land as committing one million dollars to the project, which would also. So help restore the Chinook salmon habitat. That's komo's Brian Yamamoto. A new survey suggests best place in the country to be a nurses right here in the Pacific northwest. Komo's Brian Calvert looks at the numbers. And why this is good news for the future of healthcare wallet hub released its numbers this morning based on job opportunities and working environments in determine the number one state for nurses in the country is Oregon number three is Washington. That's good news because the world is about to need a lot mourners. Eighteen million has some twenty percents of the title capacity to author Mark Britton hill told us yesterday. If you're considering a career move there's about to be a whole lot of job security in nursing because a future demand. Do you have a worrying trend in America to the wallet hub findings nursing occupations in two thousand nineteen are said to be some of the most lucrative careers with the lowest unemployment rates in the country. Brian Calvert, KOMO news. Check out of the haughty exteriors sports desk. A pair of highly recruited quarterbacks could be leaving the husky football team two four seven sports reports. Washington husky redshirt freshman quarterbacks Jacob sermon and Colson Yankov have both placed their names in the NC double a transfer portal, which allows other college coaches to immediately contact them. Both young men were highly recruited by U dub, but through the just completed spring practices appear to be behind. Jacob and Jake Hainer true freshman Dylan Morris's the other quarterback currently in the Washington program. And again, that's komo's Bill Swartz returned to action tonight hosting the Chicago Cubs. Their first visit to Seattle in six years tonight starters Cole hamels for the cubs Felix Hernandez for the Mariners. We check sports at ten and forty. Past the hour on the home of the huskies, traffic and weather on the way next. It's thought that an asteroid crashed into the Gulf of Mexico about sixty six million years ago taking out most of life on earth, including the dinosaurs could this happen, again, scientists meeting around the table this week say it's not a matter of if. But when ABC's Jim Ryan says they want to be ready for it. No. The planetary defense conference is not a subplot found in the current events movie. It's a real thing that it's happening this week outside Washington. Anyone who doubts the potential danger that near earth objects pose to humanity? Need only editor Chelyabinsk in the YouTube search window above that Russian city on February fifteenth two thousand thirteen. And asteroid sixty six Pete across bleed into the atmosphere. Head exploded damaging nearly two thousand buildings. So as the human race goes about its business oblivious to the potential danger lurking in states, the world's experts on so-called near earth. Objects are meeting this week, no less than expert than NASA administrator, Jim Breitenstein insists this is not about Hollywood. It's not about movies. This is about ultimately protecting the only planet. We know two host life right now NASA is building an unmanned spacecraft to collide with a small moon of an asteroid in twenty twenty two to see if it can be knocked off course as a way of stemming future asteroid threats that test will cost less than half the production budget of the nineteen ninety eight.

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