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C. N. N. you were there more like and I thought I thought I was the only smart guy who knew the shampoo bottle vodka trick no I thought it was so clever welcome to a Monday I'm Jennifer Jones Lee hope you had a great father's day weekend out there celebrated all those dads and if you are one of the dad so if you had a great one with your family here's some of the stories were watching in the KFI twenty four hour news room I like any service deputies have used rubber bullets and pepper spray to break up a protest over a fatal deputy involved shooting hundreds of people gathered in Compton yesterday to protest the death of an eighteen year old named Andres Guardado deputy shot in last week after the teen allegedly produced a gun and ran off the protest was mostly peaceful but some people graffiti parts of the Compton city hall grounds the sheriff's department does not have a body camera footage so it's been collecting cameras from nearby businesses now people who know portato say he worked nearby as a security guard for a business but the owner of that business says no that is not true police have also said Guardado was would not wearing a uniform on the night of his death news is brought to you by reborn cabinets coming up at five thirty five we'll talk with the infectious disease doctor Simone Weil's many people are talking about this second wave of the corona virus but you've got a lot of medical experts saying whoa whoa whoa don't even start talking about the second wave we're still in the middle of the first one they want to get an update of exactly where things stand with Dr Weil's in just a moment right now let's say hello to ABC's Aaron Katersky Aaron good morning happy belated father's day to you thank you so what's going on with this prosecutor from the south district of New York she refused to quit and then all of a sudden he does resign but this is after a lot of pressure but I think it's a little unclear from exactly whom the pressure was coming from this was a twenty four hour drama that laid bare some of the concerns about political influence in the American justice system and it started late on a Friday night nine o'clock eastern time when the justice department issued a press release saying the U. S. attorney for the Southern District of New York perhaps the highest profile prosecutor's office in the country would step down July third but within an hour Geoffrey Berman issued his own statement saying I'm not resigning I have no intention to resign and not touched off a crisis within the justice department about who really have the power to to fire the US attorney come Saturday afternoon it was a new statement from the justice department saying that because Berman had not gone quietly the Attorney General asked the president to fire him at which he had now done but then the president as he was departing for Israeli Intel so was asked by reporters what's up with firing Jeff Berman he said you gotta ask Attorney General Barr I'm not involved so a lot of it he didn't know he did it no I asked him to do it kind of thing but why on the back and forth well it seems as if the president and the Attorney General wanted Berman out about the president clearly did not want to spend your prints on it and why might that be well because the the the Southern District of New York has cases that have rankled the president trump in a bit better that touch very close to home think about Michael Cohen the president's former personal attorney that Geoffrey Berman's office sent to prison think about his current personal attorney Rudy Giuliani who is now under investigation for some of his business activities related to two of his former associates who are who have been indicted on campaign finance violations and who are pondering cooperating with the government there are other cases too at Baghdad have also raised questions about the president's influence within the justice system but this band to critics look like an attempt to silence the guy who is bringing all of these sensitive cases finally when that the president moved to fire him and and we know the president actually you have to sign a piece of paper Ben Berman would agree to resign but not before his own deputy was named as the acting U. S. attorney not the person that farm wanted to put in as his own you know for replacement well it's his own then a staffer is actually was named as his replacement then when these cases just go forward and wouldn't it be that an obvious paper trail that if they were to go after this acting guy then there are trying to silence the body where at least if this guy is out and then the acting guy comes in you would think that that would sort of say face for the administration not to put in somebody is that they wanted you know what I mean yeah but the damage is already done because that's the way they tried to do it initially suggested they wanted to put in a favored replacement then have the president nominates Jay Clayton the former director of the securities and exchange commission two to be confirmed by the Senate now given the way it's all gone down not only did they not get their favorite temporary replacement the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee win to Graham cried foul and said this is all kind of weird and if the Democrats want to you know mess with the the nominee of choice well then he's going to allow it because he did not like the way a Geoffrey Berman was ousted that's interesting to to see somebody break ranks like that all right Erin thank you so much I appreciate it talk to you soon thank you to write the letter as ABC's Aaron Katersky well it's always bad when somebody in your own party goes in smells a.

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