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Thought he was supposed to be wearing red and maybe a little different different colors from january. But it's possible. That michael benko is a is a A new owner on just registered to cecil's or he wanted to get a set aside were particularly outstanding so all royal blue with black stars with the symbol of the best wrestles the tonight's but some with those of not another model. They belong to a company called salute. But that is the muddle family on. All the voices tend to be cold. Something something muddle. the the But trying to find the role model. We did an awful lot for row over whether racing in the in the uk pretty much a father or weather wrestling but anyway. That's that's by the by. I'm not one of the most likes from day. One he comes here having pulled up at the cheltenham festival on his only start last as really really toss. Start a horse. Hold up horse. Having only start of the season in the festival it is a million to me in the first place There's no surprise. Told that he failed to finish very hard to get involved with the pace onto go into the gentleman festival. Own your first start since the previous april is pretty much a new for handicapper. Prior to that i again to nazi runs the festival He'd be shipped very well when he was second to fall in between not quite staying the two mile. Five and a half trip Prior to that he was well as i put him up for the ground. Annual festival annoying finished fifth rather than force or nineteen didn't jump as well as he can do that. David still run very creditably behind grow bay And he was a winner. At sound impressive winner asandra analysts is previous. Start on so that was that was making it three from four over fences for him when he won always had an issue or two since two only have the one run on last year but a few a few from gary. Moore's better horses Seems to go missing last year combined. Benetton really well at cheltenham last weekend for example not another model again. I don't say the fact that you also marsh is is cool. would related. There was before we would have raced again in the spring but there was nothing to go for after that..

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