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That you can get out of after that second year, just because I don't see the point of paying a guy for one year just to have to fix it again the very next year would it something you need as badly as cornerback right now. So I understand that Norman has plenty of scientists. But if I could sign him for three year deal backloading it with a ton. Money in that third year than I'll pay a good amount. Also, pay plenty for year one and two because we need them, but I would put more money on the, it's similar to the Sammy Watkins deal. That's essentially a two year deal with the option to pay a ton of money in years, three. Give Josh Norman similar deal just less money. Clearly in put him out that let's get him for at least two years, so that he can help as really rebuild the cornerback position rather than just be abandoned and see I'd be fine with that. I can make that work. Like I I'm not opposed to bring him in for a little bit longer term deal. I just wouldn't want him to get complacent he's to get a little bit complacent in Washington with his pay maybe some of that scheme. I know that they tried to play a little bit more may in heavy when he first got there, and they slow transition back to zone where he could be a little bit better player. But he would clearly be the best cornerback that could bring in on the roster. You know, at this point in the year if he was cut okay taking some of these questions from the lies. Andrew m says you can bring back one of the three recent retirees to come back and play for Kansas City, this season in prime form to you take Jamaal Charles Derrick Johnson, or Dwayne Bowe consider hypothetically tyreek isn't playing twenty eighteen. I don't think Bo really fix anything about the tyreek hill situation. I like him just key would be more like Travis Kelsey replacement to me than he would Tyree kill. So give me Derek Johnson playing the will in the four three slides over to Mike in the nickel prime day Johnson would elevate this defense to such another level. The I I can't even talk about too much, or we will be going fifty minutes. I've yet not prog Derrick Johnson is an absolute game changer for this defense. He fixes soem any things and he gives them that the will that we'd be asking Anthony hitched to be link the he, he would change so much. So that would be it for me. We've got another question here. I know it's way too early, but who are a couple linebackers in next year's draft that you would like the chiefs to go after. I don't know how many how much you've looked at some of these guys Mattie. Have you at all? I got a couple so you can go first that way, a few takes I don't wanna take anybody you would have. I mean, I the guys that I know are like Muhammed's do out of ole miss. Let's see David Reese, out of Florida. I I'm aware of some of these guys from watching some other guys I you know, but I don't have a ton for inside linebackers now. All right. So Dylan Moses Alabama. You watch MAC Wilson without saying, Dila Moses far superior linebacker on that team. He was at one. He was recruited at the age of thirteen or something like that violet. Bama, that just lets you know how physically talented. He is. I also love is Ahah semi. Nhs, the athletes, upside of Isaiah Simmons who plays a very similar role to door. No. Daniel did it Clemson. He's at comes at now he ran step for step with Travis E, T N, who's running back. It's expected to probably run of the four threes. So he's a kind of safety linebacker hybrid player, but he's big enough to play linebacker and then kind of a little bit of a sleeper for me. I like Troy die out of organ..

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