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Now, we think we're looking at it next Thursday, you still say you don't think anybody's going to testify Cavanaugh is going to testify Monday. Isn't he I thought that was decided I don't even know wake me when it's not over. But just ongoing wake me when somebody decides something this is Tucker Carlson last night, Tucker. It's funny from my perspective alternates between extremely perceptive, and smart and interesting, and then gets a little overwrought at times. But I thought he was right on with the stuff. And listen, I said the other night that he's he's grown up in Washington. DC's live there's entire life. And he said he's never seen. Washington. DC is on fire. Is it is right now. Right over this whole thing. And listen, I make a lot of wacky wacky jokes in some of you don't, but I I have complete one hundred percent respect for women in their role in the world into a woman can do anything in. Oh my God. Just I just wanna work with smart people who are capable. I don't care what their chromosomes are just home. Oh, my God it, and I I hate sexism. And I think Kirsten gillibrand democrat Senator from New York is setting womankind back with Harani who's the Senator from why because they appear to lack the capacity or at least a desire for any sort of rational thought Tucker from last night. The claim against supreme court nominee Brett Cavanaugh that he committed some kind of sexual assault. A student in high school has metastasized into something different something ugly and something threatening to all of us. We've learned from markedly little about Brad Kavanagh or Christine Ford in the past week, despite a lot of words on their behalf. The facts of the case are still sparse. And they're murky, but we've learned disturbing amount about the left, and what it's willing to do in order to maintain control of this country. Watch a clip in which New York Senator kitchen gillibrand explained why she knows Brad Kavanagh is guilty watch. I believe her because she's telling the truth she's asking the FBI to investigate her claims. She's asking for that kind of review that investigative work that oversight that accountability. Because she's telling the truth someone who is lying does not ask the FBI to investigate their claims. Who is not asking the FBI to investigate these claims the White House, Dr Cavanaugh excuse me. Judge cavenaugh has not asked to have the FBI review. These claims is that the is that the reaction of an innocent person. It is not so try to ignore the yelling and the theatrics and the pure demagoguery of the moment and focus instead on Kirstin. Gillibrand is reasoning to the extent that there is any quote, I believe her because she's telling the truth or put another way it's true because it is and watch a class they called the circular reasoning which isn't actually reasoning at all. Instead, it's.

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