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Something doesn't even necessarily have to happen on your team or in your company just some traumatic event on the news and something you have to consider even though honestly it's extremely rare. It's just so tragic that if you can't help but wonder what if that happened here and sometimes you get people who just really go there and you kinda got a real impact but if you don't ever notice those kind of things in you don't ever real that back in you really can't help them and you kind of start losing over time so what you really have to do is get clarity with those closest to you. Know really look at what are those cultural boundaries. You set in really guard those you become the protector of those as the leader in other words like have you ever heard the saying. Show me three of your friends. And i'll show you you the closest people you hang out with you tend to be like in gravitate toward and act like well the same can be said for your mental mindset. Show me or tell me what. You're constantly ingesting mentally and i'll show you your mindset so you're watching social media constantly cable news constantly only one side of us constantly and it's gonna wear you out especially your watch cable news. Twenty four seven is. Here's the thing about the news and this is something. Ken blanchard said. Once which is just so accurate. It's on the news because it's not normal. If it was normal nobody would care. I think about the one car accident in very tragic is somebody was severely. Injured lost their life. That's news because it's rare you didn't hear about the other eight hundred thousand people in your city that made it home safe and sound. Nobody had a car crash and it would be bumped into each other. Nobody got hurt. But when you ingest what's bad about society or was not normal behavior all the time that's where your minds ago. Let me think about people on your team that are completely negative time. It's all you think about in so you can look at that as a show me what you mentally ingest all the time and i'll show you your mindset and these are some things that really wear on you but now we're talking about the In middle hijack meaning it you think about serious cases like rage just cut in front of they just lose it or any no you either honking their horns or their yellen their their break checking you like they wanna have an accident but also at work in.

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