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It sounds to break Cam ward, Seabrook Dunkin Jonathan to is Patrick Kane time for an intermission update on Blackhawks radio. Here's Chris Boden. Blackhawks got a goal earlier. They've been held off the scoreboard for the past two thirty four minutes Rangers at one more here in the second through forty minutes. There are on top of the Blackhawks by a score of three to one is we welcome into the second period hawk central. Elsewhere in the NHL tonight after two periods of place, Saint Louis and Boston are tied to all the islanders lead New Jersey a three to nothing right now. In the second Toronto in Tampa Bay tied at one Brayden point with his thirtieth goal of the season for Tampa Bay after one period. It's Anaheim taking a twelve game losing streak into Minnesota. And the ducks are leading the wild three to nothing scoring three goals in the first eight minutes on H shots before. Darcy Kemper was pulled for Devon Dube. Nick, Minnesota also swung a trade today as they did yesterday with Anaheim today. With Carolina Nita rider in exchange for Victor Rask. First period late in that a Winnipeg is leading national by a score of one nothing. L A and Dallas are scoreless. A bowls are about to tip off in Denver against the nuggets. Rookie Wendel Carter junior out with a sprained left them. College basketball tonight UIC trailing in the first half at U W, Milwaukee thirty two thirty two twenty three. Now, swear Michigan state is at Nebraska in the Spartans are down twenty six twenty four Justin reform in this to go in the half later on Gonzaga host Loyola Marymount NFL news bears. Head coach Matt Nagy was selected as the twenty eighteen NFL coach of the year that the from the professional football writers of America. Former defensive coordinator Vic Fangio was selected the assistant coach of the year. Finally in baseball Yankees signed a three year deal with Friedrich reliever. Adamant amino now for a check of the news headlines to the WGN newsroom. Here's Andrea darlas. Emergency crews were still at the scene of a major fire in Aurora tonight. The first the fire started at. Mcdonald's in the one thousand block of north lake St. the restaurant had been closed for renovations traffic in that area. Still experiencing very heavy delays. It took more than fifteen years in a number of votes. But the state of Illinois now has its first gun licensing law. Governor Pritzker signed the Bill into law in an elementary school in the north Austin neighborhood. The original piece of legislation was passed with a number of other gun bills, not long after the parkland shooting and the shooting death of Chicago police commander, Paul Bauer and a judge today acquitted three Chicago police officers are trying to cover up the two thousand fourteen police shooting of Liqun McDonald, Kocani judge Dominican Stevenson acquitted. Former officer Joseph Walsh, a former detective David March in officer Thomas Gaffney on charges of conspiracy.

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