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New stadium seven twenty eight win loss raiders media how long overhaul drilled and challenge not only of francis it's just a work wednesday on the job he measure to replace the affordable care right on constantini has detail the g opie plan to three of the individual in business mandate for coverage the major point of criticism for republicans about obama care subsidies to help individuals get coverage will be changed attacks credits requiring buyers to pay for insurance up front the expansion of medicated to cover more people will be ruled the back great walden is in oregon republican when we repeal replace obama care mounted in title in the form probably the least the last twenty years which will be kept from obama care pro edition of denial of coverage four pre existing conditions and allowing kids to stay on a parents planned age twenty six bob constantini capital he's been of a line will be in federal court wednesday to get a temporary restraining order against president trump's revised travel band attorneys from the stayed say the updated executive order still has the same constitutional issues i'm elliott from source and i'm explained blackout at the statue of liberty tuesday night appears ruben caused by a technical issue and chase reporters nearly to our blackout fans of the flames of conspiracy that this was a protest of sorts statue of liberty of course recognized as a symbolic welcome became to immigrants and during the us the outage came one day after president donald trump signed a new travel band limiting be entrance of refugees and others from a half doesn't muslim countries a park service expects to confirm the cause of the black out wednesday morning i'm are shady embattled see over of all bird travis cal one i says the company will hire an chief operating officer i'm going forward to with him to as he puts it right the companies next chapter.

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