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These. This organization does have powerful powerful and wealthy connections in east conservative ecosystem. But i also want to make sure that people understand it. This is just a group of college. Age trolls honestly and they did not have to become relevant. They should not have the associated press should not have felt threatened by them. I truly believe they have gone away. He would've spun their wheels on this in gone away. The associated press had not fired me and had not sort of empowered them and empowered. They're boy in empowered. They're disinformation and finally Professor janine zaccaria. What are you going to teach your students as they come back to stanford now about what this means for journalism in the end because of emily's outspokenness and bravery and taking this on instead of slinging away. Do you think. Journalists will advance in this country and particularly around the israel-palestine issue. Well i scrap my class and foreign correspondents on thursday that i had planned and we're devoting it to this because it's so important obviously emily's appear and friend of many of the students in my current class who have been very traumatized by this whole thing wondering again whether they have a future in journalism reaching out to me quite shell shocked and so i feel the need is their instructor to talk about. What's happened. But i don't know what to say to fully amy. What i do as someone who started at reuters worked at the washington. Post that the conventional media. You know what i train them to do. I don't know. I just don't know what to say right now. I'm still processing it all. But what i will do is hold up. Emily's an example. Of what. I believe they all should do is use there brilliance and channel their convictions. Into amazing reporting that gets picked up by amy goodman and others. she had another story by the way about. Wait times for for for Kobe testing that was featured. Rachel maddow as an intern right. So in the end you know l. stressed that this is really the ap's loss and whoever hires her next is going to be so very fortunate. Maybe she'll be. Sally busby's i hire washington post and then following up with steps and i wanna thank you both for being with us. Emily wilder fired by a p which has fired up the journalism community. Not only in the united states and others for more just reporting around the world. And you can't janine zaccaria emily. Wilders journalism professor at stanford university who is the former washington post jerusalem. Bureau chief next up. Today marks the first anniversary of the murder of george floyd by minneapolis. Place switch sparked international protests.

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