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Yeah hey hey what are you doing nothing just standing just occupying this this is part and parcel of student activism in the united states and it's dreadful history student activism from the beginning of it to the end is riddled with ignorance and kids being used as useful idiots for various american foes began really as a national phenomenon in the nineteen thirties when communists founded the american youth congress and i'm not talking about small c communists like your little marxist professor really i mean big see communists like the american youth congress received its orders from the communist party usa and common turn the international communist organization founded and controlled by the soviet union it had a direct line for moscow the american youth congress was among common terns most successful front groups especially in the united states the american youth congress even attracted the support of eleanor roosevelt unsurprising perhaps to some of the counterculture of the nineteen sixties and seventies was driven by student activism the major student activist group at that time with sds students for a democratic society if finally disbanded thankfully because it blew a lot of stuff up but it actually was refounded in two thousand six which shows you it's a sign of the times and there's a new students were democratic society god help us the representative group of the new left was the students for democratic society this was really radical and another group of useful idiots for the soviet union this was the beginning of the end for democrats as a serious mature political party by the way because democrat there was a kind of liberal consensus democrats and republicans were they were different but they were both pro america they both supported americans about supported american victory in war that changed with the new left i'm not being hyperbolic or the new left actually existed to change that so then the new left existed to undermine american war efforts to diminish american power around the world to try to hollow at america from within that's the new left that's when you saw people talking about the party's switching they say oh well you know the republicans used to be the good guys and the democrats used to be the bad.

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