Bruce Belbin, Brad, Powell discussed on The Audible with Stew & Bruce - 10/16: Which Week 7 upset was the craziest? + All American writer John Walters


Welcome to the audible i'm sewer mandaue joined as always by bruce belbin and a wild weakened the upsets in college football bruce got special guest to talk about that yes is john walters your favorite guest that we've had on here his is definitely up there because we could talked about anything john welcome is it begi voice i think bruce says that every monday but i appreciate it bruce why not much i think if we had to rank people in there as a recurring yes 'cause we know you could talk about just about anything it will talk about just about anything we should get probably a little more background i'm john he's over them both of us present all he was a notredame brad new had kind of a dream job for a lot of people not that much younger than him where he was covering the sec for sports illustrated back in the early nineties right correct uh and he bounced around that si in various roles as the original richard deitz uh i don't know you want to claim that the is that something you on the back of your behind will that are really high blood richard claimed it i'm glad he has it go ahead a powell now john rights for a little publication called the all american he is the author of the bubble screen every sunday on the all american reviewing critiquing the week in college football on television and i gotta tell you john there is no bigger fan of the bubble screen the my coast why i'm so happy to hear that i am so happy there i be even happier here that if stewart said it was him because i boss you got to expenditure cable bill by the way because this don't give a ideas various is with the talk about that i don't have devi i have to get dvr there's a whole bunch of upgrading i need to do you have an idea right.

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