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The middle of the week as the storm moves off to the East Temperatures, also by the end of the week will start to warm back up into the low to mid nineties. Right now 78 in downtown Dallas News is brought to you by the good contractors list. The U. N humanitarian chief says 1.2 billion has been promised to help Afghanistan that's facing a growing humanitarian crisis. Calling the pledge is an important step toward helping the needy. Undersecretary General Martin Griffiths announced the total and pledges at the closing of the high level ministerial meeting that was in Geneva today. Griffiths is urging donors to turn the pledges into cash contributions as fast as possible, saying that the funding will throw a lifeline to Afghans who like food, healthcare and also protection. Governor Abbott's asking Texas along the Gulf Coast and inland to avoid standing water. It seems like every time we have heavy rain in the Houston area, there are people who do drive into high water and they sometimes lose their vehicles and even worse, sometimes lose their lives. The storm is expected to possibly dumped as much as 10 inches of rain. On parts of the Texas, Louisiana, Louisiana Gulf Coast, as well as the greater Houston area again tonight partly cloudy in our area low around 72 right now it's 78 degrees in the city of Fort Worth. From the W B A P News desk. I'm Mickey Briggs. You're next update will be at 11 o'clock and you can always find 24 7 coverage at w b. A p dot com Listen to W b a p in your home. Just ask your smart speaker and she'll gladly assist Alexa Open W B A P wherever you want us whenever you want. Us used talking 20. W b A p w b a p dot com. What? Uh, continue reading this transcript. From their United flight 93. I've never read it.

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