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So do we owe it to the fans as the media, even though we are an independent voting block in this, should we say, you know what? Whether it's Steph over morant Graham awesome and All-Star Game too. But Zion is clearly the most entertaining choice at that last forward spot. Right. Should we think about the fans where we're voting? I think you, I think you think about it. I don't know that you have to decide based on it, but I think it goes into the mix, right? It goes into the pot. You know, along with, again, I'm a dinosaur. I get it. I do think winning sort of matters here. I do think you have to have had some impact on winning. It doesn't mean you have to have the best record in the league, but I do think you have your team has to be doing something good for you to be a starter in the All-Star Game. You know, I just, I don't know. So yeah, I mean, you factor it in, but you also have to weigh the player, right? And so is Steph playing great? Yeah. Yeah, he is. And Josh playing great too. So, you know, you're going back and forth, and then you think, well, you know, the fans love staff, and they want to see staff and they obviously have given him, you know, three more than 3 million more votes than John marantz getting and, you know, I get it, people ballot stuff, and it's kind of skewed and all that, but I mean, you do have to kind of weigh that. I mean, you can, you know, you can make that small market argument all you want, but Giannis is the leading vote getter in the east. Last time I checked, he's in a smaller market and Milwaukee, so that doesn't really seem to hold a lot of water, so people vote for who they want to see in the game. The ballots have been funny in that way, DA, because to the market issue, right? The Knicks, like Julius Randle is 9th among front court players and not close to the top four or 5, you know? No, and then obviously a huge market and they're having a pretty good season and their brands obviously are as passionate as you can get. And the top guard among the Knicks is not even Jalen Brunson, it's Derek rose and granted that may be chicagoans also voting for Derrick Rose out of San mentality, but he's 9th in the guard voting and Jalen Brunson doesn't even show up, so it's like, it's kind of weird and then Boston, you know, a large ish market. Jalen Brown is still lagging a distant third among the guards. We'll get to the east in a second, but it's interesting to see that the voting patterns don't necessarily hold to what we would expect based on fan passions or market size. I will just note real quick on the games played in minutes. The gap between curry and jaw is not as big as you would think. Like curry has played 30 out of 44 games as we record this. Right. Jaws got 37. So 7 games is a fair amount, but minutes curries played a 1021 ja 1186. Whereas if we go back to the front court discussion, Zions played 29 out of 45, 956 minutes, market and sabonis of both played over 1400 minutes. So they've got a four to 500 minute lead over Zion.

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