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Like all of them are night. Which is why I brought up Michael Ballack like he's intimately sitting down with, you know, forty fifty people throughout his career in their these people are dead, and that stuff would have been lost. And and it's all based in the ceremonial aspect of it. It's like preparing to receive something. It's like it's like anything you can can listen to someone and blow off with they're saying or actually listen to it and try it on. It's like anything in the plants are kind of the same way. And yes, there's some real science behind it too. But you know, and that's kind of what I like to carry forward a little bit. And I'd love to I'm horrible at it. I'd love to do a lot better and kind of show the transparent look at food and also. Herbs Matana coll-. So that you can see like where the stuff's really from. And how how is it that equality or can make it to you affectively? And that's kind of interesting fun way of thinking about how to how could you affectively do that kind of put a gopro on a? Ania show the. So what would what would someone living in Ohio? Where would they get rodeo law? Like, you know, what I mean like where could our listeners look to find some of these things that they can incorporate into their diet. That have been through a healthy sustainable supply chain. That's a that's the question of a lifetime. Because. I don't know some of these companies that are doing x y and z in and we try to have some watch groups out there, you know, but it's hard and American botanical council is a great organization, Mark Blumenthal. Who's a who's a friend? Chris Kilims, a buddy does a lot of work certainly focused a lot of on Iowa skin cannabis, and and CBD in all of that stuff. But certainly from a big perspective. American botanical council is great. At least. They're start educating yourself, and then it's hard to like. Okay rodeo. But do I need it. What is it? Good for. And that's kinda why I'm not I'm not here to plug the book. But that's why when Harper Collins said, hey, what SuperFood? Both do you wanna write? And I said I kinda wanna write on a foundational approach to eating and lifestyle and things because when you then come from that power. Position. And then because there is no elixir that will solve your problems. There's certainly no drug. We know that. So it's a it's a, and we know that too from Dan beat news work in Dr vaulter Longo and all these guys doing long deputies studies that it is not one thing. It is a multitude of things. So my point of view is that take care of your foundational aspects, you know, and then when you. 'cause you're gonna take care of. You know, for lack of a better way of saying it ninety nine percent of your problems, if you're sleeping well eating a lot of whole food plant based food if you're breathing. Well, drinking goodwater getting hydrated. And a huge thing is having great relationships people that support you people that uplift you, and and I would also say finding passions passions. Don't have to mean, they're going to put money in your pocket, but living from passionate perspective. We do know that it's a it's a long term good plan. Not only in the moment because we all know when you're passionate about something. You forget to eat your in the flows unit. Flow state, whatever like those types of things and then obviously lowering stress. Yes. But also, not just saying stress and people go. Yeah. Yeah. You're right. I shouldn't but stresses hitting us on a lot otherwise, right? Which is why also adapted. Great from that perspective stress from electromagnetic fields, which were just in this, massive experiment. Right now, we got wifi signals. We got all these electron IX blasting us. We are electrical, by the way. So we have a, you know, seventy thousand seventy million sell so many trillion cells, and they're all batteries, right? And so accurate picture works. Trying to break up stagnation from our electrical system. Like, we are conductive. So how is it that were not affected by all this electromagnetic fields while we are? So that's stressing us in a lot of different ways, the air quality, you know, that sixty nine. Ninety thousand new toxins are being omitted in our atmosphere. Every year of that ten percent or even tested, right? So shits raining down on us..

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