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Is we're not always going to have agreed I boss and sometimes you'll have poof are the equivalent of it and so. Here's here's the trick. Absorb all of those things that that new laws leadership the poor example. Although I mean just take it all in stride and Tuck it away and remember it and when the situation comes up again when you're the boss think of how it felt to be humiliated to be denigrated to be ignored to be treated the way you were and then just do the right thing. So now we have a chance as a result of that bad experience and and the bad experiences would we call them. The the human resources is technical term jerk. You have a jerk learn from that jerk and then make the choice you can become bitter or better and I just Implore you to become better as a result of that of that Example of that experience that's awesome. I've thought you know after twenty four years in the Marine Corps myself you can learn just as much if not more from bad leadership as you can see from leaderships so did want to ask you. Can you talk a little bit about the taking care of your own concept as you took it into the college classroom? Yes it's Again all of these things just seemed to make sense to me. I was trying to put myself back in position of being a college student and of course it really difficult for me because I went to a monastery called the Naval Academy so the different situation but but the the youngsters today have so many challenges so many things on their plate. I mean it's My diseases student piece of cake compared to them. So I thought you know. We're we're here to learn together but maybe we can make this a little bit and of course you know the first day. Everybody's kind of uptight with one and so. I said I always start off with introducing myself and then I'll say one of the bonuses of this class is you're gonNA leave here with the new. Bff What I want you to do is to pick out somebody in this classroom. Whom you do not know and you're going to interview that person and that person is going to interview you and then you're going to introduce that person to the rest of the class No no you're not gonNA hurt you. You're going to like this. So time do is so then. They introduced in there and the idea there is now they. They know somebody knew that they had not known but also the fact that they're going to have to speak in front of a group and I said no this going to carry on all of your going to give oral presentations. Oh this is a history class. Well it's a this Vietnam War class and then also one on Why we fight in how we fight. Us wars okay. So it's kind of his historical aspect to it definitely not what they were expecting. Well no no and then the others now. Why am I doing that? Because you're going to be a graduate of the University of South Florida. You're going to be expected to be able to give briefings to to give presentations and do so without stumbling over. Sydney is so here. You're going to have the friendliest audience you can ever imagine your peers and so your presentations are going to be in front of them. And then you get an idea of that. It's not that hard but sir you know. I have butterflies in my stomach and my responses soda. Why before every class? I have butterflies in my stomach. The trick is to get the butterflies to fly in formation. So that's what it is so anyway we we we go through that part and then all my quizzes are all essay. There's no true false multiple choice there beyond that. I WanNa know what they think they think. What are the critical thinking skills? What did they come up with? How do they express themselves? And then because I was raised by nuns Who taught me English very very well their paper when I had to back everything. That's wrong is corrected spelling punctuation and so forth because I don't want him to walk away with the paper that is not perfect at least from the standpoint of the technical aspects. Yeah but then. The other is look rolling this together. I made a promise that when we finish you will know more about the Vietnam War than most bed. Pm Veterans and far more than most US citizens. And so. We're going to do this by stirring together. Sir with together is this is not supposed to be a do or die situation for you. If you have something that comes up you know. The car breaks down. You GotTa take your mother to the hospital and so forth. Those things happen in an. I'm not going to Ding you. For the vagaries of life. That come our way. Just just let me know and you know make up the work CETERA. But you know let's just make this. Oh as much as possible A treat instead of a treatment and and Joe that the response has been amazing that people you know I've got this story about A couple of them missed the quiz so they said there could let me tell you right off. You're not going to be downgraded because you missed a quiz. You had things that are happening your license. We're just GONNA do the makeup quiz and you're on the same level as as a real sincere the day of the quiz. So you know you're not going to be automatically have a agreed reduction because you weren't an their response is kind of like. Wow and the other part is with all the guest speakers that are bringing a bomb. I Guess Speakers. I want them to understand theory of just war. Yeah so I found a man who was a navy officer in Vietnam down to the Delta same time is there although I did not know him he got out of the Navy and became a lawyer and then he became a judge and then he became a priest. He isn't Pastor Church. Father Corcoran his father's marine aviator as a but anyway so that's kind of guest speakers so then I have the lawyers to come in and talk about war crimes again. Both people and the media and After every class the guest speakers stay around to answer questions from the students a retired ambassadors to learn about the State Department all of these guest speakers who have been superb. Nobody has ever turned me down. I think consider an honor to talk to two students which it really is but then afterwards to answer questions of Haughty get into the State Department. How do you become an economist? How do you become a lawyer of those things that this is an opportunity for the face to face interview if you will and A again part of what I think is my responsibility to help them. You know get through college and learn and the be prepared for the for the next step. What whatever it may be well. It's a phenomenon stories. You Got There Sir. Appreciate it Were at a time for this episode. So look forward to continuing this conversation in other conversations on on the next several episode. So that's it it's gone and so the once again. These two veterans are asking like tech listening to veteran on the move. Your Pathfinder to freedom if you like to show leave us a review and I tunes reviews are always greatly appreciated so until next time. This veteran is Oscar Mike..

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