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Is on that list besides Tesla, cause that's the only thing that Okay, what? What do you think? What's car gives you the most reaction? Okay Dating, so let's but the quiz hero about that. No 200,000 profiles they went through. Okay. But why is it in your profile? Why is your car in your profile? Because there are a lot of dudes like that. There's a lot of dudes like that. Maybe that's their pride and joy. All right. I like to work out in wax. Mike. Okay, So what car if you were going to break down the areas of this town Let's say what? What car would be the sexiest for the For the women in the South End transaction Trans Am with T tops. I rock the Burt Reynolds transaction. Okay, all right. Uh huh. What about What about enough 1? 50. Dwight, Those are pretty damn attractive to how about the ST Matthews? What's the same ST Matthews? That would be the smart that's back to the Blue Buick Le Sabre. Stop! Perhaps a skylark. Stop it. I was I was embarrassed. No, no, no. Saint Matthew. Yeah, it be the Prius. Oh, no, It's not the kind of I don't ever see her Environmental east responsible that family or a soccer Mom Minivan. Yeah, that's a good one. That's close to it. Yeah, that's it, or you run like hell, um, from the mini man. Um, I would say probably a. It's always an SUV in the s in same and that would be East and also large, expensive SUV expensive SUV. That's exactly right. That's probably what the truth is. But you know what? It's a car, and sometimes people want to date because you have a hot car. Good luck. But that was never the case for me. I had a 76 Buick Regal. I will tell you this, though. Yeah, one time When I was at the quest machine, you might refer to it. Sure you might refer to it as an A T m Sure I was at the quest machine and thank God ahead of time on it, too. Hey, it's 3 45. Yeah. Thank God. The bank has the right time. And when I was getting my $5 out to go to ST Andrews Pub, I noticed someone had let the receipt there. Were you crossing your fingers as you're typing in the amount Yeah. Oh, my gosh. You used to sweat. Please let me have five bucks in there. So I looked at the receipt that someone had left there and at $35,000 in the account. They did that on purpose. Uh, receipt, So I know this story. You know the story. I know this seriously took that receipt. Whatever is that the ST Andrew's Pub by the beer? I would actually have that flop out on the bar. When I was paying for my beer in case a woman would see it worked like a dream. Oh, wait a minute. How did that get there? And then afterwards after we would had our special ladies Time to go. Oh, you felt for the receipt thing all due respect to your wife if Courtney Donahoe had grown up in the South end, and you did that work that move on her. You two would be married today. I guarantee you. Yes, because she's the South End girl with the scrunch. Of course she and Oh, my God, He's got $35,000. Yes, Plus, she's a yellow Just just like my wife, right? Yeah, Yeah, yeah. Yeah. What you doing over there? Get off my center down. We're trying to do a broadcast. Well, see that your your wife's not yelling. She's actually just talking. My wife whispers like this. Good morning, Susan learned how to whisper in a helicopter. Hey, do you think that couple over? There's cute, honey? We're in the library. We were in Vegas laying out and there was like 16 20. Something's behind. It's all girls, and we're hungover. And we're late in the chairs, and they're talking like this. And oh, my God, I can't believe you're in the hallway in your thong. That's crazy. And then, uh, Dwight did the slow head to the side and goes It's like a pack of Susan. I said, Yes, my head. Hey, stick around the Bobby our way. Three's Natalia Martinez. She was in the courtroom yesterday when Fisher was getting grilled. Can't wait to talk about attorney super Attorney Thomas Clay. We're gonna get all caught up on that and get her thoughts about the verdict as well, by the way. By the way. Thank you yesterday for all the pizza from Varano. How about that, man? You can't go wrong. Thank you to everybody that came out to the Jewish community Center. It was beautiful out there. But more importantly, we had Bernal's pizza for everybody. Baron knows Pizza has a pizza that everyone can enjoy. Maybe you like cheese, pepperoni sausage. I don't know my wife and our we love the mama Baron knows we love it so much. We eat it every single Friday. It's how we kick off our weekend. We'll go to one of the many baron knows Get her. Mama Bear knows a to talk cores lives. We clink our glasses and my Hello, weekend, but you don't have to wait for a special occasion. Go today or this evening. Go for lunch or dinner..

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