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Seductive to you could buy on prime day To echoes for fifteen dollars a piece right though they are extremely seductive on many levels at the same time that the companies that put them out. Try to play down the possible. And even actual surveillance that takes place with respect to voice. And what i do in the book is talk about. Not only what's going on with voice but really the possibilities and trajectory of voice today. It's not like it's a totally congealed industry. It's an emerging industry. All the books that i've written until now about this topic have been about industries that are in place and i wanted to look it industry. That's emerging because in many ways. Maybe we can do something more about it. as opposed to something that i can just say. Hey look what's going on. Let's be scared now. I can say. Hey let's look what's going on. Maybe we can do something to stop the worst parts of it. Well i'll tell you what. I think that it's such an important conversation. The have i mean. I always you know you can always look the motion picture industry. Right that that you know they they had to outpace Regulation and set up the mpa. Make sure that they could put you know. Put a content management You know system in place that people could trust and i do think as an industry. It's really important. It is I'm heartened to see that. There are multiple in the voice tech industry with regards to advocacy and privacy and the the topics. I think that are really important. So would give the industry Some props for self organizing around some of these topics and certainly the the topic of ethics in i Our front and center. Regardless of the i think the event that you go to in our industry we call our industry voice tech industry. But i think it's interesting you use this term. The voice intelligence industry now calls. Would you even see that is kind of a parallel industry to the voice tech industry and everything..

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