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Support dies. Work here is die. Submission mountains are magical places. Tall and imposing blanketed in heavy fog. The mountains are placed just at the edge of our world not quite tamed. By human settlement and activity but not fully wild. An unknown the brecon beacons and wales contains countless mysteries from over the millennia for the good. The mountain conserve as a place of refuge and hope as the stories say owen glendower. The last military leader of the welsh independence movement disappeared into the mountains and fourteen twelve vowing to one day. Return to see. Welsh independence from the english conquerors realized. The mountain also takes in those who are not so good. Our story today is about one of those less than good people. The reverend william williams rector of son harry reverend williams with a grandson of my six times great grandparents and he came from a very privileged background. His father was a landowning farmer of one hundred fifty acres. Two of his brothers were also clergymen and his two brothers in law were also clergyman. He was chosen as rector of son. Harry in the county of glamorganshire south wales some time around eighteen fifty seven and moved there from his home in penn. Carrick kamaruddin shirt also in south wales. Our story begins on a damp chilly wednesday. In april eighteen. Seventy three about fifteen years into his position at san harry. Reverend williams has just mysteriously disappeared without a trace. The papers quickly declare it just that a mysterious disappearance and once his absence starts to concern his friends. They begin their search day and night through the surrounding hillsides and on the mountain. The rest of the villagers seem less alarmed with his disappearance and continue about their daily routines as usual. Rumor has it that reverend williams and some of the villagers were embroiled in some sort of conflict and the papers pick up on this but they never come out and say that his persian hers did it. Reverend williams wasn't necessarily disappeared by anyone. He just disappeared into the mountain in some mysterious way late into the afternoon on the following sunday. The searchers finally come upon reverend williams at the peak of the mountain gilda gawk starved. But still alive. He had taken refuge at the top of the mountain and lane. They're without food or water. His friends quickly bundle up in a blanket and carry his feeble and shivering body. Back down to the village where they call on the local doctor to tend to him. Their efforts were not in vain. And reverend williams makes a full recovery. We don't know what conflict there was between reverend williams in his parishioners up to that point. We don't know why he was almost swallowed up by the mountain. But it's not for years later that we learn what kind of person reverend williams was. Times were dire for the villagers of son harry and across wales in eighteen eighty seven rising rent poor income from the sale of their crops and general depression in agriculture. Made for time of general desperation the tithe rate or the money each household had to pay reverend williams as a representative of the anglican church in san harry was a full one fifth of their farm..

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