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Radios. Joe DiMaggio has more on that. And the FBI has concluded its investigation into the Las Vegas shooting in October twenty seventeen the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history. We will tell you what they found at one o'clock on Katie k radio. Thanks so much rose. That's coming up in just about ten minutes. In the meantime, we're going to get the latest from the world of business. Not a lot of movement in the markets because of the Federal Reserve meeting going on right now. The smart money says no interest rate hike this time, but we'll find out for sure. Tomorrow tariffs have been a big story for the companies reporting income today. Steelmaker new cores earnings jumped sixty percent because of tariffs on imported steel, but tariffs shirt prophets. They heard profits at whirlpool Harley and Polaris, which makes snowmobiles offroad vehicles. Three M'S business is being hurt by the slowdown in China. It says also a tariff story Verizon says its profits will be deemed this year by the money it spending to build up its five G network and business insiders headline says climate change has claimed its first bankruptcy PGA today filed the papers because it faces billions of dollars in potential liabilities for its role in the California wildfires truck hamlet CNBC. This is Yasmin mini show with pen dot one of the most common misconception. That impact people when they're drinking is how much alcohol they've actually consumed impairment begins with the first drink. Do us all a favor implant ahead by getting a designated driver. Never attempt to drive impaired. It puts your life and everyone else on the road at risk. Remember, there's no excuse to drink and drive. For more information. Visit Penn dot dot gov slash safety. Are.

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