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To your teammates in yourself, um That's gonna be our advanced by are playing an image that we have a star Nicola Yokich is still AWOL. He's apparently stuck in Siberia. Coach Mike Malone says he expects a joker to join the team very shortly. The Cops'll. Yokich will be in the bubble very, very soon. I know that's a big topic of discussion. When is he gonna be here? Um, it will be a very, very soon and I'm excited to see you. We need him more Colorado covert closures, The virus and crowd concerns have forced the closures of Big Soda Lake and Bear Creek Reservoir City of Lakewood says has been unable to comply with Jeffco public health regulations at those two sides to the high volume of visitors. Lakewood has shut down water activities until the city confined away to keep those areas in compliance. And as covert 19 cases increase in Denver Mayor Michael Hancock is sending a message about wearing masks to reduce the spread of the virus. Face coverings are required in Denver. Mayor says he's concerned about an increase in the percentage of people testing positive in the mile high city, he warns. If that trend continues, city might have to reinstitute measures that could devastate the economy. A scary scene in rifle on Saturday. Federal officials are investigating the crash of a small helicopter. The two men on board crawled out of the record shortly before the chopper burst into flames. Explosion caused a small grassfire. The men were taken to hospital. There's no word yet on their condition. Our next news update is a 2 30 I'm Tom Usted.

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