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Find us on your favorite podcast app. But let's move on to AJ Brown. I think there is a world where one year from now, we are in agreement that AJ Brown is the best receiver in football. I think he's in that class. He's obviously perfect for what the Titans do offensively. And I don't really know if there's any scenario here for the Titans where they don't just figure out a way to get him paid and probably do sooner rather than later. Yeah, the Titans are interesting because they, I think they realize how valuable AJ Brown is and certainly Derek Henry Derrick Henry is the focal point of that offense and makes a lot of things work, but even without him. I mean, we saw an extended sample size when he was down. AJ Brown can just take over games. He's the perfect receiver for that kind of offense. I mean, the way that he runs certain routes, it's just everything is perfect. And so, and I would guess in the next year or two, you're going to be looking to break in a rookie quarterback or you're bringing in a different veteran quarterback. I think Mike vrabel was not secretive about his waning defensiveness. Let's call it, that's like a legal way to put it, right? Of Ryan Tannehill. And so I think at some point there, you're going to be breaking in a new passer. I have them taking Desmond Ritter mmm mock four. So maybe that's the answer. I don't know. But either way, you need to dominant wide receiver. You need a J Brown. Because you have to start thinking about holding on to assets, right? I mean, John Robinson is good at his job. But you lose Derek Henry at some point in the next year or two. And then you can't also lose AJ Brown. I mean, that's it, man. I mean, AG Brown is the focal point of this offense. As soon as 2023. So you have to keep them in there. And, you know, it's funny. The strategy has been, you know, a lot of these teams saying, okay, well we don't necessarily to pay wide receivers because the draft class is coming in are so, so good. And we can just go to round two and pick out our AJ Brown or our debo Samuel or whoever it is. But there are the draft, the draft is a bit of a risk, and I think, you know, GM sometimes lose track of that. I mean, you can certainly ask how we rose in it about the track record of that team so I can see that you have JJ Whiteside was in that same 2019 second round. You have Andy Isabella. Paris Campbell, Jalen Hurd. I mean, those guys are other day two receivers who came off the board. And obviously they are not going to, they're not going to get their second contracts with their with their teams. I mean, look at Ozzie newsome. I mean, arguably one of the greatest general managers of all time. And could not draft the wide receiver to save his life and tried. Many times, you know? It's a tough position. It's a really tough position to project. And I think it's only gotten, well, there was a window in there, especially I was talking to Ricky proll about this actually, not too long ago. There was like a window in there, especially where, and it's changing now, but that they weren't changing sides of the field because they just wanted to run everything quick and they wanted to run everything with tempo. And it's so RPO heavy that these guys would just stand in one spot and run like the same two or three routes and then you would learn your route tree basically in the time that you left college and into the pre draft process. So there's a lot of stuff in there that, you know, we don't know how that's going to have that's going to play out and how that's going to unfold. You know what deebo Samuel's going to do? Terry mclaurin is our next guy up here. It sounds like he will not hold out or the early reports here and he will be there with Washington commanders in there. Off season program and all that stuff. But he is, I mean, gosh, the quarterback situation is so dicey in Washington. He becomes a guy who is so crucial to anything they're going to do offensively here. And again, I think in the same manner as a brown, I just don't see a scenario where they can afford to let him out of there. Yeah, I mean, Terry McClure and it's funny, like, talk about leadership and well, I don't want to say leadership. I don't want to equate leadership with not getting your fair market value. So let me back that up and not sound like Lou holtz here for a second. You talk about, I don't know, putting the team ahead of your own needs or whatever, that's a guy who could just show up and be like, this entire organization's a mess. You just traded a ton of capital for a one year rental of Carson Wentz. I'm the F out of here unless I'm getting $70 million a year. And they'd probably have to pay it. I mean, if he's gone, that offense is like, gosh, it's like, well, you're older than me. You have electric football, right? You remember electric football? Yeah, I'm not that old though, but yeah, everyone does electric football. Yeah, my dad has an electric football set. I'm not saying that you're old enough to be my dad. Although, I guess. Kind of worked out. That would have been a wild time in high school. Well, I'm not going to get into that. But you know how you just put all the guys on the board and just be like, and then everyone would just go to the sides of the board, right? And I think that's what Washington's offense would look like if you took Terry mclaurin out of the fold. You would go a whole lot of wildcat, I think, is where you'd end up there. Jeez. DK Metcalf is the last guy we're going to talk about with apologies to Deontay Johnson and Hollywood Brown, but do you get Metcalf in a specially strange spot for a couple of reasons. Obviously the Seahawks are entering something of a mini rebuild here, you don't know who the quarterback is going to be, it's drew lock at the time of this taping. Do they draft someone next week? Do they go and get Baker Mayfield? We'll see. But DK Metcalf, it would there would be some logic to moving him and trying to get some assets for the future. Even if you were going to end up downgrading the short term, if you're the Seahawks at this point, the other thing with him is how much is he, I don't want to say a product of Russell Wilson, but Russell Wilson is the best deep ball thrower in the NFL. DK Metcalf is at his best. On those sort of downfield moon balls, now that's gone. Can you maximize his value right now in Seattle? Well, I think if you're any of these guys, right? I mean, if you're debo Samuel, if you're DK Metcalf, any of these guys, I don't think it really matters. You're hot right now. It's a weird market, like you get your money right now, right? And you're at that kind of cresting age where, you know, you're going to have to get the bag if you're going to get the bag. And I think for different reasons, deebo Samuel and DK met have probably see that. I agree with you. But then again, Gary, we weren't making these kind of financial decisions at age 26 in our lives. So I think it's a little bit difficult to project. I don't know, what were you talking about money wise at age 26? The biggest decision was usually, you know, you get the 5 for 5 95 at Arby's, and then you have to figure out how over the next 48 to 72 hours you are going to space out your RV sustenance at that point. Would you not get cheese sauce to then the roast beef could be like a multi platform kind of that's.

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