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Like i hated everybody had duke. Maybe it was just because it was like early stages of somebody who is just like a sharp shooter. But i remember like in alaska assassin and not really like it anybody else but i think also what added to. This was the type of black players that they had like what people thought of them. Because i grant hill was the guy and grant hill daddy. He ain't no softie like he's not the wind that he was outspoken football player. Yeah but he went yale. Yeah i know. I know but still i guess grant hill was like well. You gotta be that type of black person and maybe i was closer to the image of a black person. But that's not what. I wanted to be a fire that wanted to be jalen rose. I wanted to be a guy who's like tough and like wars black socks and baggy clothes. You didn't want to be the guy who showed up to school with a sport coat. Right poor grade. He'll he just picked razzano now and he cares that to lying. It's still not why. I'll be talking about me like that. Man i just. I just be out here. Who but i was dunkin that y'all do but that ninety nine teen you wouldn't say that about ill bred. You wouldn't say that about mcgee you and you say that about care. Well you might say about shame. Betteate there's a little bit of a different situation. But then after they got good with those guys it went back the other way and they were out there with gregg policies. Like reading. don't cowboys read. It was cold. Right as out there would degrade policies of the world in this looked around and was like okay now we gotta go back the other way right and then it went back the other way and then it got to like it wasn't like we just getting white. Dudes is like we getting coal white news. We go to the boston celtics strategy you. Why do you go get john havlicek right. That is a strategy. I don't know if it was conscious. If you establish yourself as the place where coal wind dues go like you and then putting together a pretty good roster if you can get seventy percent of them because you're not going to get twenty five percent of the coal black dudes and so once you bring a little too many black news that you can't get the call. Why do so. It is problematic and racist and stupid for nobody reasons but it ain't dumb strategy. Not we'll think about it this way so way back in the day when notre dame was like running a big part of why they could run. It was every good catholic player in america. They got right. This is where you were going to go. If you were a good especially from up north you a good catholic football player notre dame was going to get you. There was no other place that you would think about going. I always say you can truly tell the strength of programs braying by the quality of the white dudes that they get what you start going through like. The top twenty five on rivals lists in basketball from year to year either white dudes ago in somewhere local or they go into like carolina duke. Ucla like one of those big names like that is a reflection of the strength of your brand problem is like if you get yourself to enamored with that idea. You going to be out here with some bombs right. You're going to be out here. Great policy getting dunked on every week in all that this is why duke is a duke is polarized. Nobody's polarizing anymore like there's no personality left in college basketball it didn't feel like there's no true renegade program no more. There's no programs like arkansas michigan's was talking about i know michigan got pulled probation but they weren't really renegades they would definitely kicking a different. You know what i mean like. Nothing feels like that anymore with college. Basketball and coaches at this point. Don't feel that same way. Like a coach with the magnitude of mike chef. Ski like j. j. rey got three dollars down. I didn't even realize he had three jobs. Care yeah i don't understand it. Yeah i'm trying to figure out why because like you would think that the personality would stay with the coaches in college so these places should have personalities but maybe it's just with the general corporatization of all professional sports which college sports professional. Maybe it's just everyone kind of is corporate is and it's i are. We just gonna keep it this way but you would think there is a lane there nothing kentucky. They market themselves. I mean not as a renegade program but they market themselves differently. They do about the way it was to desert champs if jay wright three my apologies there kentucky was the first to be like what to the nba. Like we're we're not. We're not pretending like this is anything else. But what's happened with college basketball. Is you develop new effector. Nobody like i learned a lot about the way that people consume sports when i worked in north carolina right like i learned how people consume college. Football 'cause i was ruined for texas while we were not we designed air. But you know what i mean but i root for texas when it was at the best attacks ten years in a row. I'm mad with any laws a mad. We didn't ask jeb ship getting like all the stuff. That's where i was. Those was seven william programs and you learn how people find the joy in a seven week program. It's a lot about the development of players and like the attachment and affection that you get from seeing a guy as a freshman and then now they're twenty two on the way out here like wow that guys run.

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