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Over. He doesn't bring anything too much. Hopefully not on my end. I'm currently working mostly on small stuff. But the one thing I in terms of features that I have Melissa's actually have his own way. You drop the Gay Mode cotton then automatically spawns so I saw since the since the cots already in there that might be something something useful and then put like in the game. World's way you need to Yeah put your own tokens down. Put the tokens into the play. His hand or something something small but I mean again this. Aw I guess mine stuff. What would be great? Would be a Siege Engine Trae. Unfortunately I don't know how to operate a three D. MODELING. Yes programs that would be That will be a good thing. That's that's really lacking at the moment. That has trade generate now. Brian Scorpio machine. I've I'm just just attached one trade to another trade dolo basis right now. It's not the most elegant solution but it's works so very three D. model is out there. Want to take a stab at making a siege weapon. You send it our way and we'll we'll spread it out to everybody and make sure it gets in the in the in the mud. Yeah Yeah Yeah just the double the size and Solo was one slot for the item and then maybe another slot for an attachment or something. I don't know so now as we said to wrap things up here. So how can the community help everybody going forward? Is there anything that you know you're looking for? I mean obviously someone to do a three D. generated seeds weapon trae but are there any other things that people in the discord on the facebook group? Our listeners might be like. Hey you know I can add to this. The big thing that's already coming in this is really Testing and helping find all the quirks on issues. So that we can go ahead and fix those So that's really appreciated The other thing And I guess maybe that's not as important anymore with The list build integration but just keeping the units and your releases updated. So I mean that's the thing stack yet corinth for example did so Yeah would be great if he'd Continue to do that and I think he already signaled that he'd be be happy to Yeah that's that's the main things right now where where people could really contribute from. From my point of view I agree with Sebastian's list and including that three D. stuff so show. I've not graphical person myself and so on so I cannot really do much about those things so that would be nice to find someone. Home is happy to do some three D. modeling absolutely and once again. You know guys thank you so much and thanks to the people who have been carrying the flag for this for so long as well you know. I think it's it's been maintained at certain level and when you guys came along it was just enough manpower like make this tipping point where I think things are really exploding and taking off and especially with the the current world situation cove. Nineteen being able to you know to hop on it and and play a game that we all love Remotely in maybe a secondary format right. It's never gonNA replace axiom being there around the table with people but It's really made that much more enjoyable impossible. So thank you guys so much and I have to give a shout out to the community. The response was just so kind and and really am I really keeps keeps us going and motivated so thanks guys for that. I think we can safely say that song. Fire has one of the best communities for Games. All right any shoutouts before we head off our local store here in Bremen Germany. Highlander games I think they can you know use all the help they can get right now. It's a it's a hard time for for gaming stores absolutely so I'm ever out and your neck of the world all right so with that being said thanks so much for coming on and we're looking forward to seeing what kind of new stuff is in the works and coming online and if you're out there grab some games on tabletop simulator. If you haven't already and in the meantime I hope you get your ministers the table..

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