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Fucking blow job was long term. I don't understand this. Did she get locked? Okay no it's fine. Finish myself because I I think. An issue lifelong prostrated honestly at Thirty minutes. You don't just tap around the head and say thank you but even better myself or like little ry literally slaughter rule. You know like you've been playing long enough and like it's not like there's this other team is going to come back at some point it stops being enjoyable and just sort of becomes documentary seal training like Hell Week. Yes like I wanNA finish it for her. I don't know just because you're supposed to finish things in life I have to say it's a good quality. Woman was giving me a blow job for an hour and a half. You got you marry her. That's common moved in together while that was happening. Now she's got to be crying at Minna. Forty-five wasn't wasn't blowing me. The whole time after twenty minutes she probably stopped and I just had to take care of it and she just was like okay and then maybe dip back in ten minutes later tries to two minutes and then stop again now. Let's try to go when she tries for the third time do you know please don't but then she does anyway and it's horrible because you feel like. I feel like I have. I'm like we can pull this off and the problem is is that you have an in u. It in me coming up distracted by something No no no not at all one enjoy. I just feel like I lose sensation or I'd feel the novelty value of sex whereas office. I'm not impressed by a lot of things in life even sex. It's like after a certain point. It's like amazing the first three minutes but then like everything. It sort of dies down. Let me ask you this. What's better than coffee? Okay really pushing me on that back against the wall here. I have my coffee. I love coffee but it's not perfect. There's like super tasters who have great sensitivity things. Maybe you're like the opposite. Maybe you're just like everything's fine. You know nothing. You mean depression. Yeah I mean you see him. I mean how are you are you? Are you generally content? The World No no personally accepted that too. I feel like I'm better than a lot of people with this like I know I know. Depression anxiety go hand in hand. But I never WANNA lay in my bed all day. I just like pacing and going what the fuck is going to happen in my heart races a lot but I get I go out and do things your cardio. Yeah that makes sense. But I don't ever lay in bed for a day and so I can get through this kill myself. You're not dead. You're like the walking dead. Yeah I guess but I honestly I'm just exiling like that one sometimes the jogging dead. You when you hear people are stuck in bed from anxiety. Are they like a joke to you if you had real anxiety you'd be pacing about no? I think that's depression or something. So I I get it. I respect that. Something is a chemical imbalance. I never felt I. Just get so worried in panic. I just don't even have that anymore. You know what it is. I'm a better place now because I've accepted. Life will be uncomfortable till the end. That's fair and I'm like just it'll be good days and good moments but you're not going to get three months of just everything going right or even a week so now. I'm like okay. Fuck but what is going wrong. When you're like what is going wrong in your life with sex now general nothing right now like too much other than the entertainment industry. So that's never right but like that's just never make sense and it's fucking lawless and corrupt and money's hard to come by so that that's not just as it is life and then but that so but I still like. I like doing comedy more than ever. Okay you know. Marlon does pest control and refrigeration. Doesn't seem so bad does a Borelli. Doesn't you know but high comedy still? I think he's unhealthy. Thank you all right. This is good. This is good good scream. I appreciate also healthy so I've got a great health Dr Going. That is nice yes so I don't think so. I mean oh I see friends I have friends like really ah I think. What do you mean by friends too many? You'll need to get down to three like. Would you say we're pals yes we're pals curse me through text all the time you play poker and I'm like I'm out of town. You like fuck you talk in front of ten people. Well He'd let me down the tender feelings. You hit me up on the side. Hey everybody I can't thank Damn Shit. You're on invited. Sorry the next one look like an asshole he does go on. I'm running a little bit late today. He goes on literally goes. I don't give them with my life. It really made me happy. You're like fuck you. Ten people You can follow up Paul Online at Paul Hooper. He tweeted at one time. I had a girlfriend. Tell me if you won't marry me I'll find someone who will I send her husband? Flowers today was on Valentine's Nice Story. That is true. She told me that and she did get married. She broke in October of that year and was engaged by Christmas. That is a quick. That's quickness that yes that Christmas two months later Christmas yes so. I'm like first week October on the road. Get the phone call. We're done never saw again. And then she was engaged through social media. Sushi's engagement Christmas and I was close with her family. So I'm always there's so many questions of like does no one in the family even go. Hey there was a duty religion with like. I don't know fifty two days ago. Who's this also? If I was a new guy I would not marry a woman who was living with another man. Sixty days ago that would be the complete turn off. I'm like how do I know she loves me? Is there any foul play that you sense? If they were cheating thing. He was in the military in California. We live in North Carolina. And I gotTA respect that Slim. Do what they do. These sold the Jo and the truth is and people always ask that. They like because that timeline. I'm like I hope they were cheating because otherwise that's extremely reckless to mid October married by Christmas. But they were fucking for eight months. Otherwise it's fucking. I hope two years two years at least fingers crossed. You hope that you were secretly cuckolded. The whole time retroactive So they're still together. I think I don't know I don't know if you've got to have you been watching. Love is blind now. I saw the commercial for it. We just talked about it the other day in part of what we realized is that blind part everybody's conventionally hot and not even just conventionally hot in like a symmetric way in a. I'M UP TO DATE WITH MY CLOTHING. Like we're all sort of dressing the same. We all have the same style on the same reference of pop culture like you basically two clones of each other and said don't look you might not like the way this person looks but it's not that big a deal probably all vapid I'm guessing so you can't go wrong what you're saying. Yeah they all have like a a middle of the road. Hotness like a super hotness but a middle of the road personality and who gives a shit well the one of the fun parts is that there are still people who are not attracted to like a woman. Who's like there's One cup. I'm sorry to spoil things but there's a couple where it seems to like. I'm watching with my girlfriend. And she's like that guy is like classically like perfectly good looking like model good looks and the woman is like she's totally fine and then like by the end of it. The woman is like I've never really felt anything for this guy like she's like I like like him like a friend and so it was like and then there's a woman who is like. I can't believe that this guy is ten years younger than me. That's GonNa be a problem for. Everyone is only problem for her. And it's I mean it's really it's like a what. Macdonald has done for flavor like these people have done for realities like it almost doesn't make sense most of the time and I couldn't stop watching it. I I can't get into these. Tv shows until they legally have to get married and stay married. I mean this is. This is the closest to that okay. It's just also that MacDonald's is is really a good comparison. It's just it's like you have these people who are shut down to the world who are just regular people were all pretty shutdown unless we really prior ourselves open right and they're coming in and all of a sudden they have all the feelings that they've never had for a person that somebody else hooked them up with who doesn't know them so all of a sudden it's like I've never felt this way before your two weeks with cameras on you like that's not love that's just like infatuation of attention it's A forced reality. Most people are doing even without cameras like this couple. That's what I'm saying like that's the the humor that's what people to. I don't know how many people are watching and being like this doesn't seem like the way to do it and I'm also a person that's like said I love you to somebody. Four days in moved in three months later when I was young. Yes on the open up. Maybe that should be the dating show. Just see if you can do five years by yourself being so goddamn you should do this. Start now recording. Should I know love is blind? Deaf can't smell can't touch like love has no senses. Love is alone very master. Batori people people are doing that. I think you know I think it is kind of. I think love is a drug because you you start racing you start changing the way you act the way you feel like. I'M NOT SAYING THAT. Good love or the kind of love that we're really looking for but it happens. It's like this in love face. It's not even love. Yeah it's in love that's exactly right. It's the phase of euphoria of. I'm not telling my bad things yet and you can't react to that that's twelve year old we action. Well it's good to be aware of like there's this book that my girlfriend read that I've read some slut. No not that one. The road read one book. The road less traveled And it's they read that it defines love as like the choice that you make like after all of the like chemicals wear off after like a year and a half and you're like okay now now we're this is who we are. Do we want to be together even when it's not feeling the best even when it's not you know those sparks. Do you still want to do heroin? When it's not doing that thing that it does it sure right like you stop drinking alcohol absolutely did and now you stopped being in love so you just get rid of all the time my girlfriend said. Do you love me? And I'm like I don't know it's infatuation period. Let's we got away to that. It's true though. That's why you know three to six months. Don't get married at least give yourself that long for to come down from the high that you haven't felt before or did or chasing I heard about. There's like these different points at which over the years relationships like there's clusters of ending relationships and after a year. Because that's like one of the one of the out like one of the off-ramps yeah and then there's like three years is one and then like seven years is one and like after seven years like most people keep going you know. Obviously there's so many that don't do that but certainly like I got. I got married after a year and a half like we got engaged at eleven months because it was the first time that I didn't want to get off the relationship highway a year and I'm like this must be it like I didn't know that there were so many more levels to the game. There's this woman who's an expert on relationships she's talks about infidelity and stuff like that and she says that people as their Perot. Yes we'll have three big loves or three big relationships mostly on the average and that she has had them with her husband. So you gotta like not only. Are you in different relationships with different people but if you do stay with the same person you have to recognize that they will change and you'll change and you have to like we get together probably three times along the span of certain amount of decades and? I think that's something you know. Because are you really what you were when you're twenty so if you got married like ten twenty years ago so you WanNa revisit what you like like at all Vegan. You know where you lucky for her again. Yes yes well. That's I mean. That is the unfortunate. The unfortunate or exciting thing about life is that I feel like when when I was a kid. You're growing literally and so you're like okay. Everything's changing and then you get to be an adult and you're like okay then we're set on then you got to be an adult and you're like Oh you know and you get. I mean it would be boring if you start if you like. What am I done? What am I done like listening about myself in life's And a lot of people are like. Oh let's just stop here where I have all the money and the power and everybody else skin kick. It always think of like the dicks or something but people still really buy into like you meet you fight through it and not that you should leave. After the honeymoon period is down but do we.

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