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I'm seeing i'm looking up right now see if there is our interception early one i'm just curious okay it's got a ninety nine percent want to sit wasn't going to try to prove your i was just curious if there was actually there yet okay so would approved you're on take oh take this only ninety one percent wanna see soloist are we're story well that's because nerds terrible on the internet that's that's what it was down to but of those ninety one percent they're all feeling that that are are going gonna on wanna see ocean's eight than there are more percentage there's more percentage i have no idea what we're talking about and becca nine with incredible i'm going to stop looking at the f amount thing now so tickets for solo star wars story went on sale last thursday night and within the first twenty four hours presales already doubled black panther so solos yes so solo is not i mean it didn't be vendors infinity war but like we talked about that's ten years a storytelling building hold on we kind of proved ourself wrong because how how many years the storytelling is star wars granted this is a prequel you so there's a prequel this is not this is not being marketed as the culmination of all of these stories wait does this take place so this takes place about ten years before new hope because she says the he's one hundred ninety and in new hope he's two hundred where i mean i believe you he's two hundred but wears it said he's two hundred i want to say it is in one of the books it's cannon so bryan young said so so i'm going to take bryan young's word on that because in in real cannon or legends cannon real cannon he said it was in real cannon he's two hundred years old in a new hope so it's interesting because this movie is a movie that had a lot of ups and downs and people saying productions terrible protections grade bubble you know we hired a good actor he needs acting lessons but then also if you look at the clover so.

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