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To to press here's don in albany oregon hello don hey good evening good evening ideas marin who were ask your guest of rhetorical civil war being waged light down and one more thought i find those still missing the hard core in your face takenoprisoners news that he'll both sides feet firmly to the fire you know i i think we have a uh uh a grass is always greener on the other side view and we think that the media always held both sides of the fire was no proof takenoprisoners approach uh there have always been challenges in reporting the news in deciding what the cover uh but it seems much more challenging today uh in terms of the rhetorical civil war uh you know a hard and he wants to say absolutely because uh uh there have been twenty study shelling that you can tell somebody's political use just by the language they choose to use uh people on one side of the divide will use one set of words to describe the situation and people on the other side or use using something else uh and i think unfortunately uh my my former bulls russian in the polling uh industry helped create some of this divide because we did segment society and talk about how they're different narrow groups would perceive things uh the one thing that it gives me hope in terms of uh a unifying view in this country and something that we don't lift up enough on these what i call in the book the american creed uh in it's this idea for at least from our declaration of independence that we all have the right to live our lives as we see fit so long as we respect the rights of others to do the same and people do have that belief in america that they should have the right to make the decisions about their own wife and in respect some others and we need to find ways to build on that uh and look for that common ground rather than constantly uh engaging in that rhetorical civil war all right to a jehmu is the northwest pennsylvania hello jim hello oh it's on your abide well uh first of all let me say.

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