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For me the creative part is associate yourself with people who really have mission purpose in a rudder bob dylan diza counterculture figure but he's also done more for brands than many people even know amount welcome to tagline core a cocktail and join us for inspired conversations with the best storytellers culture makers in creators from our friends at bullet frontier whisky i'm still waiting for wind decks to call about come to my window tagline is produced by iheart radio in partnership with advertising each welcome to tagline i'm adam sector president of global innovation at poses media and we're company live from south by southwest 2017 very excited to be here in the iheartradio studios in austin texas with some true creative legends as we dig into the topic of unleashing constellations and creativity through collaboration sitting with me i singer songwriter and activists melissa etheridge and iconic american musician who sold over thirteen million albums won two grammys and an oscar and is considered to be one iraq's most enduring inspiring artists nor so said to have you with us thank you so much paso with us is chris curtain the chief brand and innovation marketing officer for visa who oversees the company's strategy to drive the commercialisation of digital payment products and platforms the also sits on several advisory boards for digital marketing welcome chris thank you from me.

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