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Happening Learn more at ALC dot org And the lemelson foundation 5 O 7 the time this afternoon and it's all things considered on 90.1 I'm Jim burris and you're joining us at the very last moment of this or spring member drive We want to say a big thanks to everyone who's given so far There has been an outpouring and it really is humbling It warms our hearts we appreciate it and we can't say thank you enough Your gift right now though will help us wrap this drive as we come to that conclusion so we haven't heard from you We really do need to we have just about an hour left but don't think of that as an hour left to make that contribution think of that as the final moment We need you to go to your phone now and dial 6 7 8 5 5 three 90 90 or log online at WAB E dot org slash donate Don't wait because I know if you're like me that hour is gonna get away from you and you're going to be thinking oh I missed it I meant to do that So do it now while you can before you forget and Aisha Hyman our senior vice president of membership is here in the studio with me first It's good to see your beautiful face and thank you Right back at you Well thank you We've been remote for the past almost three years because of the pandemic And so you've been in your closet at home and I've been here in the studio It's been a shift but one thing that has not been a shift is that our supporters members have continued to call and to make those contributions online and we really do need that to continue That's what really kept us afloat When the pandemic first began and nonprofit organizations because we are a not for profit organization we were all just biting our nails wondering like okay how are we going to make it And what really surprised us pleasantly surprised us because we knew that everyone was making decisions about what to do with their money And being really cautious and we were really grateful that Atlanta listeners really showed up and supported W ABE kept us going through that time and we got lots of comments I mean Jim I was out in the community once and this guy walked up to me and said look I'm laid off but I still want to figure out how to give It can I come volunteer at the station I mean that kind of generosity really kept us going And we are so extremely appreciative And in order for us to continue to make it through the ups and downs of the economy and these times W ABE is going to continue to need that kind of generosity from our listeners And that means you right now as a new sustainer you can do so much You can help us wrap up this spring member drive successfully in a strong position to cover all the stories that all of the news that's happening right now after this spring member drive is over We're still going to need to cover these stories And so we have hourly benchmarks that we have to hit Jim for the 5 o'clock hour we have a goal of 55 And that's based on past performance We've done it before.

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