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It's been reported that the software giant. Has beat the competition to take over the US of short form video sharing Tiktok, which is owned by the Chinese company Bite Danz. This comes just in advance of a deadline set by the US president. Donald trump for the APP to either be sold or shut down within America just calls is a researcher at the University of Oxford Internet Institute. He's on the line to tell us more Josh. It was thought that talk would do deal with Microsoft. Why did Microsoft Pass on this? Yeah that's right. MC. Soft was one of the early plays considered to be the front runner to Aquatic Toco politics it to operate in the US is there's a bit of politics here and a bit of substance as well on the substance side like spokes really at the idea of having to police talks huge network, which is. Dominated one, hundred and seventy five million used in the US alone and anything you take online at that large-scale brings much a much of the unpleasantness of of offline human life with it and Mike self to maybe didn't fancy policing will be political extremism and all the things that have been cropping up on. TIKTOK as at any session over the last few months as I think that's todd of it I think the. Part of if you like is the proximity of or cool the chosen tech partners is being described. To the president and the idea that perhaps. With the benefit of the cozy relationship between the. Chairman of Larry Ellison I'm president trump to deal them outside was much more likely. I mean, remind us why trump insisted on sale. Yes the trump has been part of the wider set attentions with China. Trump has been pushing hard against many of the Chinese companies operating in various ways in us This includes Hallway which provides a five G. penalty which a managed to put some block. Some I also Tiktok, which is as as the the mole the Looking at notionally, could be harvesting data from Americans citizens outside China, for use a building profiles say in in Beijing is no evidence. This is actually happened on Tiktok has taken some steps to appraise it's. Business outside the outside China but nonetheless, the fear remains that it could be used to to do that. But again, we shouldn't get too far away from the politics and TIKTOK. Really become a one of the many boggling chips think in an emerging tech wolf between two countries and we don't have details of the deal but I understand it's not an outright sale. So how will it work? It's not an outright sale is being described as a as technology publish it with Oracle, was interesting. Though is what's coming to light in the last few weeks around the Chinese government's attitude to the sale I'm so sad itself as you say is is is unlikely acquisition to the school where we saw facebook by Snapchat, for example, nothing like that it's going to happen but the idea that it's going to be technology partnership is also coming under a bit of scrutiny. This is because Beijing post a few weeks ago. Adding new controls over what can be exploited. If you like a sensitivity can be exported from China to other countries and particular issue apparently for the Chinese is the idea that the algorithm which powers Tiktok, which is considered the most important aspects of the service which sets up videos in that. Incredibly irresistible personal. To to its uses. That may not be sold way one Chinese official put it. It's the the call will be sold up, but not the engine, and so I think that's through another spanner in the works for a potential valuation, and again might be another reason why Mike took a setback now sells database technology and cloud systems to businesses. Why does it want to video sharing up? It's a good question I. think it's a bit like husking your grandparents who is a rave? Really it's a, it's a grain company in a very exciting young technology ecosystem in the moment and so the question of why they do it I think why interested in doing it is probably to a one is the politics that we've mentioned between. Champion and trump. This is an interesting other reason as well which is the D say Oracle built state faces. And cloud software and that kind of thing. Many of his early clients actually US spy agencies, the National Security Agency the CIA were invoked curing some articles projects in the company's named after a one of its codename given swift by I think by one of the agencies so that that kind of that participation of Oracle. From the earliest days in the US military industrial complex if you like. I think gives it real beneficiaries, but it goes the closer to to the US closer appeases. Mr. Trump the more likely it is I think to rank who with Beijing and I understand that article fired around hundred staff from its team in China. Last year, it's accused of hostility towards Beijing that presumably is again to play against. China agreeing to this deal. I think that's right. Units another example of or Caridi playing. To the trump administration's playbook when when it comes to a hell to do with. The tensions with China I'm so in in a sense so hard to see how this would get by Beijing again I think probably will Beijing is more interested in local in the posturing as well is probably the underlying deal and I think what we could well see coming out with his two is a deal works on the substance spouse on the Chinese side, it'd be the APP doesn't give away. It's online coach a little too much of it's real assets. But on the kind of president presentational stylistic site, it may be deceived or portrayed to be a win for the trump administration. Just thanks very much. Indeed, this is just.

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