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Free thirty day trial in this day and age why would anyone want to be the White House press secretary will ask a former today at five thirty five John how old double back this is the Ben Shapiro show self update on this whole whistleblower scandal that just broke in the last forty eight hours in which an ABC news insider who exposed a buried abstinence story was fired by CBS news media they cared deeply about whistleblowers are constantly wanted to prevent whistle blowers from being exposed unless it was a large are in the media and they expose BC in which case yes will fire them according to take bearing reporting over daily wire one Friday the ABC news insider who obtained the tape of ABC anchor Amy Robach is distressed over the spiking over Jeffrey obscene story by ABC news came forward after CBS reportedly fired the staffer quite access to the tape the insider remains anonymous row paragraphs address to my fellow man my fellow ABC news employs those wrongfully accused any role batch and ABC news here is the open letter written by this insider quote to my fellow man I get bored with this information hearing no motives other than to have this information public I did not and do not see any personal gain from this information whether it be financial or otherwise it'll always decline but I became aware of this moment I had the same reaction many of you did anger confusion sadness I care not about petty political quarrels only hope for the best in all of us to my fellow ABC news employees I've walked the halls experiencing similar feelings they're all having right now all of you regard your own personal differences in one form or another and do an outstanding job I sincerely enjoy working with each and everyone of you will continue to do so throughout our careers sos wrongfully accused is terrible you been laughed out by the company I know some of the burden of guilt I meet my conscience is clear to any role that you're the only person deserving of an apology and most certainly sorry not my actions one for this to center around you but what is clear to happen when I first stumbled across this my initial reaction was outrage but this soon turned toward empathy I cannot imagine doing all the hard work to only have a child in the past few years have taught us anything it is the truth that some of us have enjoyed many hardships in this industry from the cycle of stories regarding prominent and powerful people in this world and yours I believe you're not standing reporter JVC news I sit right here with you all in complete shock I like many are at a loss for words and how this is being handled instead of addressing this head on like the company has in the past it is put into a mission of seek and destroy that of course is true so again pretty incredible meanwhile Facebook announced that they will be removing any news reporting that mentions the alleged whistle blowers identity which is a pretty wild policy I mean truly awhile policy so if you mention was a large name which is perfectly legal and illegal you mention was lowers name and face will not remove the story Facebook removed Breitbart post on Wednesday evening reporting on the fact that other respected news outlets have already reported the identity of the alleged whistleblower many Facebook user attempts to click on that article is given a message that says this content isn't available at the moment administrators and Breitbart news is Facebook page began receiving notifications on Wednesday evening saying the brake parts page was at risk of being on published finally they were told any mention of the potential whistleblowers name violates our coordinating harm policy which prohibits content outing of witness informants or activist well that's bizarre I mean really bizarre because the fact is there is no legal obligation on break part not to name the whistleblower and was what was obviously a person of public import at.

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