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News time eight forty nine seventy four degrees partly cloudy now in boston good morning i'm deb lawler top stories we're watching rudy giuliani says the president did know about the payment to stormy daniels and he did reimburse his lawyer for it giuliani's revelation contradicts the president story that he was unaware of the transaction a gas main in taunton was struck during construction this morning the hearts four corners plaza has been evacuated and the intersection closed until the gas company renders it safe and an ethics report finds former senate president stan rosenberg failed to protect the senate from his husband who is accused of sex abuse the report concludes at while rosenberg did not violate any formal senate rules he violated senate policies by giving brian hefner unfettered access to his email account in other news now president trump hints at the release of three americans being held in north korea that hint comes at a tweet that says quote the past administration has long been asking for three hostages to be released from a north korean labor camp but to no avail stay tuned what is known is that secretary of state mike pompeo a north korean leader kim jong discussed the americans last month and national security adviser john bolton referring to the north korean says their release would be a demonstration of their sincerity in the lead up to the summit between mr trump and kim peter king cbs news a weak economy causes a plunge in russian military spending moscow spent sixty one billion dollars on defense in two thousand seventeen that's a seventeen percent decline from the previous year russia was hit by double whammy of plunging oil prices and western sanctions in two thousand fourteen and it's been slow to recover from the resulting recession saudi arabia overtook russia to become the world's third biggest military spender the united states and china ranked first and second report for the un's health agency shows millions of people die globally every year from pollution it says nine out of ten people on the planet or breathing air that contains high levels of pollutants and pollution is responsible for seven million deaths a year around.

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