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Get i i've had this discussion with marcellus bunch where like he'll say why do you care what people say about why does liangelo ball care if everybody thinks he's like the terrible one and make fun of him and he becomes a punchline he's going to be rich he's going to an ourselves is the exception to the rule exactly if if marcellus is one extreme of that where it's like most people aren't you dwight is the other extreme where it's like dude you don't have to pay attention to everything people say like i i'm kinda you say mean things about me and you know hurtful things i'm going to probably hear about it and remember it will probably hurt me more than it should i am i'm marcellus compared to dwight that's the problem with white it's not even what brian cabinet skier travis rogers or any other media member says about dwight that i've put stock in i what whatever it's the the problem i have with dwight is it seems that everywhere he goes his teammates will drive him to the airport to get him out of town they just they want him out as fast as possible really well for charlotte's and star he was really good and and it's it's it's little stuff too it's dwight howard expresses interest in playing for the golden state warriors dwight howard expresses interest in playing for the lakers nobody asked you shut up up and it's like obviously you're interested in playing for the warriors you don't have to put it out there like oh the word like the worst move guys white singer and what should we do you know shut up just stop talking for a little while yeah bad people around him and i think he's too sensitive e look and fake if there you go if all of your teammates are i rolling when you walk into a room it's you it's you it's alex rodriguez esque yeah but probably worse it's a high thing is yeah hey rod seems more comfortable in himself than lately layman as a player but even most but still more than white yeah and so if you clear the air rod bar that's bad not gonna help you that is as they say not good sub optimal let's go back to where we're talking about a minute ago co why and whether it's boston philly somebody they see what happened with paul george that the lakers did the let's wait and see we'll we'll get him in the summer we don't need to do it right now and it worked out oklahoma city especially when you watch victor of the depot good indiana and just blossom into this fantastic player like oh man they just gave away that guy for what's about to be nothing well it's not nothing they have paul george if i'm boston or philly am i sitting down against an listen it's not impossible let's just bring him in here let's get it done let's go to work let's win let's show him our culture let show him organization let's show him brad stevens or whoever whatever it might be let's play with simmons and embiid he's going to like this just get him in here let's do it it's worth the risk even if he does leave it's worth the risk yes and no the the thing about it is when you look back on that deal it looks great for indiana because not only did ola deebo become an all star comeback or whatever he will most improved player all that kind of stuff sapone is really he was great at the time when they made that deal though it looked awful because it looked like they were locking themselves into however many years of victor ola depot really that's all you got you know for this so the theory was that even if george eventually left oklahoma city would be better off because they got off the ola depot contract so it wasn't a great trade at the time so you're gonna give up something really valuable i'm sure philly would do it today boston would do it today if all they had to give up with stuff they didn't want what if it's something like robert covington marquel fulton pick that's a lot of stuff though markle full six he's mind broke last year but really rotter collective they need but.

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