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That someone of the public might come forward. Massachusetts Senators Elizabeth Morning Ed Markey among 44 senators seeking the inclusion of supplemental energy funding and this next Cove in 19 relief package. The low income Home Energy Assistance program helps low income households and seniors. Just weeks into the new year, and already we're hearing about the first tax scam of 2021. Some of us may have recently received our W two's, and as it turns out, we weren't the only ones waiting for them to arrive. We are in the season of tax returns and people were going to take advantage of others with any number of scams, the latest of which targets those who plan to file electronically. The scammers will tell them that their taxes have already been filed by an unknown entity and then urge victims to resubmit ASAP to website they Give them revealing all your personal information. Chelmsford Police chief Jim Spinny says Cons from another scheme demand immediate payments, which he says the iris would never do over the phone. So be careful Once you load funds on with an independent Deva card and send it on its way or wire the money. It's gone forever. Chris Mama WBZ, Boston's news radio, and now Andrew Oh, Dave Bloomberg. Are easing back right now. The Dow losing 52 points. NASDAQ still gaining 45. SB 500 right now rising eight. Roughly the same number of stocks moving up as down even as economic reports point to strong hiring by U..

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