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Good afternoon. We've made it to the final day of two thousand and twenty. I guess you've heard that before. But we are here for the rest of the afternoon and we thank you for joining us and we hope you'll listen to some of our guests and give us a ring and come close to ringing in the new year which begin with some news and it was pretty unpleasant last night. Arlington texas cotton ball and pretty much. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong especially early in the game. Gators look terrible. Traffic struggle interceptions piling up. The defense for florida was awful. Pretty much everything about it was awful. I nine games. The gators look great. Second three last three all losses. They were disastrous. Dan mullen signed a put perfume on a pig and he had a hard time. Doing it was a another interesting experience for dan. Mullen after a game. He has not exactly one the post game this year including last night. I kind of view. I guess maybe this is wrong. I viewed this game very. That wasn't the two thousand twenty football team that you saw twenty five guys missing off the twenty twenty football team out there tonight. That was kind of like a kick. Start for us for the future and the opportunity for young guys. Go play us even with me with all the coaches. I wanted to make sure that you saw all a lot of different guys on the field. Rotate a lot of different players different situations and a lot of that was for me to get to evaluate guys in for us to be able to teach those guys moving forward so that's kind of kind of view this game not not really have you last team. The twenty twenty team played was eleven days ago. Thirty five point loss in a major bowl game was forty two point game but they were able to whittle it down to a mere thirty five pat. Dooley's been covering the gators for many many years. He seemed good the bad and the ugly and pat. Thank you happy new year. Great to have you on and your reaction to what happened last night. And especially dan mullins comments which have been generally panned from coast to coast. Hey pull a second. Let me get to the handset. Because i i'm i'm having a hard time hearing ya can hear you now. Yeah okay yeah. I just wanted your reaction to not only the gay but especially dan mullins comments after the game which i said and you may not have heard have been pretty well pan from coast recovery. We've got it back on here is Why don't we. Why don't we try to get back. I'd rather not repeat every question to pat and we'll see if we can get him back but the bottom line. Is this the reaction she. Dan mullen has been pretty bad and this is not the first time dan mullen has come under attack. You can debate. Whether they should have played the game. They decided to play the game. We should give them a lot of credit for that but it was. It was unbelievable embarrassing performance for the gators as she pretty much expected to be. But you know you had so many players opting out. Why pretty obvious why. They didn't really care after losing the sec. Championship game Their interest in the season had gone down. And some coaches talk about how important these games remember. Kirby smart last year stressing that we were not gonna throw away another ball game. This time. Dan mullen just use it as an exhibition but unfortunately it was. It was quite embarrassing. Many many people get reaction all afternoon. Long i'm sure there's plenty out there and try to get pat dooley on again so pat one more time one more time. Your your reality is going to be quiet. You talk your reaction to the game. Yeah it was It was not good and it certainly i. It would have been nice. If dan mullen had told everybody working to try to win the game i have afford and so nobody. You know gator fans wouldn't have gotten invested in a game But it was. It is weird. I mean they boy. In the first few years they only had one player opt out of a bowl game and and they played. They took him seriously. And i was trying to think about why that was and the reason was because those teams didn't have anything to play for when they got to the post season in terms of an sec. Title this team. They could be in the playoffs and obviously the devastated them And then you know to at least make give alabama gain. They showed how they are a good team. Offensively anyway and then You know you get to play a game like this and they you know eight eight or nine guys depends on what your account is decided We're gonna move on and i. I think it's part of the problem. We saw the same thing. Two years ago with michigan against florida. Paul remember that game. They had a bunch of guys their best players that did not want to play in the game and florida. You know trash them without any problems. So it's part of the problem with the bowl system as we see it now and i'm sure they're easy answers but i'm hoping there's an answer somewhere in that named image lightning you know. I understand all that pattern. And i'm i'm not interested in recapping the game and i don't think anybody is because it really doesn't matter anymore but i am interested in trying to better understand dan. Mullen someone that you've covered now for three years and continues to be wilder people with his comments. Can you help us understand him better. Well you know. That's the thing about where they are right now. Is i think.

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