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A looming medical crisis it's a two hundred and fifty page bill that some estimate will cost a trillion dollars that is a daunting price tag except when you put it in context of the American economy and what it takes to put keep us on track or put us back on track Illinois senator Dick Durbin says they're working to get more money for hospitals and medical club a quick man he says if the number of cover nineteen cases increases dramatically it will quickly over run the system turning to the crisis in Italy the country recorded a tie is day to day rise in the number of virus deaths with six hundred twenty seven more deaths in the twenty four hours since Italy surpassed China on Thursday the total now stands at four thousand thirty two WGN sports here's Kevin pal thank you Kim six time Super Bowl champ Tom Brady's officially signed a two year contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers saying he's embarking on a quote new football journey the forty two year quarterback spent the first twenty years of his career with the patriots announced his decision today on Instagram that he is officially joining the Bucks a deal worth thirty million dollars per season around the NFL the Steelers agreeing on a two year twelve million dollar deal with Eric Ebron falcons agreeing to a one year contract with three time Pro Bowl running back Todd girly just a day after he was cut by the rams and former bears safety ha ha Clinton Dix signing with the cowboys in the Olympic flame has arrived in Japan from Greece it was greeted in a scaled down ceremony at an air base in northern Japan the flames a touchdown today amid questions about whether the Tokyo games can open as scheduled on July twenty fourth because of the corona virus pandemic on the whole the Blackhawks with was a wild cats and white Sox baseball Kevin Pollock WGN sports your money on WGN the Dow closed down nine hundred thirteen points today nasdaq down to seventy one.

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