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Say one hundred million dollars all came from that. There is no doubt. Roger Merville had a major impact on vice president Gore's life. There's a twist in nineteen eighty eight. Roger Goodell was having second thoughts about whether carbon dioxide was a significant greenhouse gas. He wrote letters to congressman about it. And in one thousand nine hundred seventy co authored a report for the new science magazine cosmos in which he expressed his strong doubts about global warming and urged more research before any remedial action was taken at that point. Mr. gore, pronounced, prevail. Senator Al and refused to debate global warming. He continues to refuse to debate many offers of thousands of dollars have been made forty eight. He refuses today Gore's he questioned the media at this event, and he set forth rules, no questions. No interviews. I have learned that in nineteen. Ninety-one Roger, prevail. Made what was his final speech at the high powered very private summer. Enclave of powerful men and politicians. Bohemian grove in northern California there he apologized for his research for sending so many people in the wrong direction on global warming. And the worried about the political fallout from the UN IPCC, and Al Gore. A man named Don Michael Smedman who lives in the San Francisco area was there that day, and he remembers the rebels speech. Very well, he is told me about it in some detail. So think of the irony today, Al Gore received the first Roger rebel award honoring the man who sent him on his global warming campaign, but rebel had realized that it was a false alarm and the science was flawed before he died rebel passed away of a heart attack in one thousand nine hundred eighty one would be very interesting to know, if he had lived where he would be tonight would have approved this award or perhaps when he'd be joining me for the international conference on global warming skeptics in New York next week. John. The Gore's over a period of years starting else senior junior is this a political or scientific point of view the and think well for me, it's not political at all. After all Emma journalist in addition to being a meteorologist, and I absolutely refused to take political sides. Mr. gore served honorably as vice president. He got fifty two million votes for president. And I can't criticize that but the science behind global warming scare it is clearly wrong and it needs fixed. And so I worked at night trying to fix it isn't curious as to why he would never do any debates on this subject because he knows it lose. Frankly, I think he I think he realizes now that is wrong, but he has this environmental agenda that this drives, and he doesn't want to get away from that is invested in that by the way, you can read this whole story on our website in Coleman's corner. All right when we come back. We're going to play you excerpt from John Coleman's interview on CNN, very feisty. And obviously he was challenged. There's also a professor of atmospheric sciences at MIT. He's now retired. His name is Richard lindzen. You're going to hear from him as well. Michael Crichton, author who did a number of books, including the Andromeda strain wrote a book in two thousand four call state of fear. And he said, I'm confident that this book will never be made into a movie why while the protagonist is a climate change sceptic and the book had a lot of science in it. And critics of the book say the is faulty just to say people who deny the law, arming trends of climate change are also wrong. So the book was not particularly well reviewed although it did. Well, New York Times they could meet number one sold over a million and a half books. But he said, I know that Hollywood will not make this movie because my protagonists is disputing the climate change business. Richard lindzen, the MIT atmospheric physicists refers to it as climate alarmism. John Coleman the man you just heard from. And we're gonna play you his interview with CNN calls it quote the greatest scam in history close quote, triple eight nine seven one S eight triple eight nine seven one seven two four three. I am Larry elder. Do not leave.

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