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The earlier you enter so go ahead and get on board with that. And we'd like to thank h refs again for their support of the show, and what a great investment into brand SEAL, you wanna capture everything that that people are talking about and understand how they're talking about you. So I definitely see more people talking about SEO in in. We do were definitely looking at our SEO very closely now to make sure that our our brands in the right place and make sure that we're we're getting found. Yeah. It's it's just something that it's such a great easy lift that's one of those obviously there's people that are way out on the fringe doing tons of workfront -cremento lift, but you can definitely jump in. And if you're not doing anything with it or very little you can make a huge difference quickly. If you pay attention to what's going on. Yeah. Hopefully, you don't get in there and find out that your competitors. Have at all locked down tight. You know, there's still somewhere to go. But again, it's always better to know than to just be playing. Well, then you know, where to adjust your investment to adjust in slide. Yeah. Yeah. No that that's true tying right into to the way, you guys run it. Let's humpback just a little bit too because we kind of glossed over and got right into allocated. But you've had an amazing career as far as starting over in advertising, and then coming up through into alachua, and now you've kind of crossed over, but you know, what's been going on on your radar. What have you been watching in the industry, and what are you excited about Berg Gade question? I do love how I landed. Here. I really tricked into digital advertising in the very very beginning of it. I worked at doubleclick was my first real job. And I remember it was the first time anybody had feedback and real data on their advertising. And it was just this kind of fascinating place. Absolutely confounded ages. They couldn't pay their bills because they were so setup to to pay on hypothetical results when in early internet advertising, you were paying for impressions. And you only paid for what you got an inventory was kinda scarce because it was early days of the internet. I'm so always been in this kind of data driven or data supported marketing world on. And then I was lucky enough to find eloquent I got to participate in the creating of a category of marketing automation, and I got to meet just an amazing sight of marketing operations professionals again who were in pursuit of how do I make better decisions because I have better data because I understand what's going on. I've instrumented what I do. I spent a couple of years at oracle kind of going around the world and preaching the gospels at were around this kind of data driven marketing when landed allocated one of the best things for me was first of all it was a bunch of customers. I'd already worked for they were early marketing automation adopters people that I really respected, and I thought well if they've found this place, and they've been customers for a long time. There's gotta be something here. But even more than that, I had had so many conversations over my career around our y and such an appetite to kind of figure this out and every time I went to go ask somebody. All right. We'll wears your cost data or how are you collecting or storing kind of the eye of that equation, and I would get sort of blank stares or shrug shoulders. And I was like man this is like literally in the equation that they're trying to complete and yet it is completely unmanaged. It is not instrumented in any meaningful way. And I was like what a gap in what an opportunity to kind of close the loop on what I've been doing sort of my whole career is helping marketers make better decisions helping them become more efficient more effective to take a bigger seat. At the strategy table and kind of better support what's going on. And I mean, I'm bias because I've always worked for marketers. But I just think what's happening with the CMO right now is so interesting because their mandate is just getting huge, and they are often being tapped for strategy from digital transformation for innovation for major investments in in major changes within a company, and then and then all of the internal stuff change management related to it all of the stuff that goes along with transforming a company, so the job of the CMO has just become so much more interesting in so much more broad that. I love the idea of being in a position to help them understand their investment across this really broad set of responsibilities in capabilities and kind of bringing together all these very specialized. People. They have to have on their teams now because marketing is so much more complex than so much more detailed than it used to be. So I just love that. There's all this data. There's more of it. We need to get better ways of collaborating on it and connecting it, but the breadth of what a marketing professionals responsible for it just so different than when I started in. It's it's so cool, and it's very close to a company's ability to succeed. So for me, just the transformation of the CMO's role is what I spent a lot of time kind of thinking about looking at. You know, but I do want to serve them. Still those annual reports we see about CMO retention rates on the scary sign up for that. But I will always be happy to serve them, and I'll never be bored. As it's just getting more interesting art, that's great because swing on over to marketing over coffee dot com. Sign up for the newsletter. Powered by dot Miller that way, you'll get all the links to everything that we talk about in the show all the important stuff and links to past episodes all that good stuff over at marketing over coffee dot com. Jocelyn thanks for joining us today. Yeah. Thanks so much done. Happy new year. All right. Great same to you that will do it for this year. And until next time enjoy the coffee, you've been listening to marketing over Kofi Kristof. Append looks at Christopher s don't comb removed from Jilin J at j w fifty one fifty don't come the marketing Kobe theme. So he's cold mellow g by fuck Nostra's, and you can find it. It means. Kelly for. The link, you know, show notes.

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