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At home plate and the mariners complete the sweep of the hbo's idle wednesday afternoon in a light drizzle what a finish so fabulous finish here at safeco field the mariners win for the forty fourth time this year and they get to twenty games over five hundred that's the call on the seattle mariners radio network it was detroit over minnesota today five to to the final score the white sox beat cleveland three two two oh car in in a game just going on now top of the third inning a houston scores seven times in the arthur three times in the first seven times in the second they lead oakland ten the nothing interleague games today washington knocked off the yankees five before nineteen year old wants soto homered for the nationals in the fourth inning and that did it again in the seventh the one oh hi dr to right center field deep forget about it soto has another home run at yankee stadium that wants out of sight p clears the yankees bullpen and gives the nationals the lead five to four that's the call on the nationals radio network he's the youngest player to homer in a regular season game in yankee stadium since ken griffey junior did it in nineteen eighty nine in both homered twice andrew jones homered at a one thousand nine year old in the nineteen ninety six world series as well one other game going on top of the fourth the dodgers over texas to nothing back with national league scores right.

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